'Being Best' is a Pathetic Marketing Statement

By Andy Ebon, “Wedding Marketing Expert”

BEST pathetic marketing statementIt is all too common to read marketing declarations from mobile DJs, stating they are THE BEST. I suggest this is subjective truth, at the maximum, and lazy copywriting and marketing strategy at the minimum.

Best? By whose standard?

You might be the top Country Western DJ in South Dakota. Or the most-recognized club DJ in Hollywood. Birmingham Weekly might recognize you as the best wedding DJ (with the footnote that your mother-in-law voted for you 312 times).

It never surprises me, and tweaks me to no end, when a wedding couple’s testimonial express that XYZ Mobile DJ is the best in the city, and you shouldn’t hire anyone else. That endorsement comes under the heading of JIVE. The wedding couple may be thrilled with the job, XYZ performed for them at their wedding. However, it occurs to me the couple likely interviewed a handful of companies, and perhaps saw another DJ company or two provide service at some friend’s wedding.

The newlyweds are in the throes of post-wedding positivity and have every right to heap praise on a company for ‘anticipating our every need, keeping the dance floor packed… etc.,’ The BEST… nonsense.

What makes you different and exceptional, is key

The notion of being unique is also nonsense. All companies are unique, in distinct ways. Unique is not necessarily better. It is only when your company’s specific style, philosophy, execution, and taste resonate with the wedding couple and their guests that there is an ideal match.

Accept all praise, gracefully, but necessarily believe it

“You’re the best DJ I’ve heard at ANY wedding I’ve attended.” – Nice praise, but compared to what. There may be events where you’ve performed heroics under impossible circumstances and heard no praise… just the sound of crickets. It all evens out in the end.

The Assignment

Rededicate your marketing power to identify target customers, not just by demographics, but by psychographics… personality, lifestyle, and more. And find specific qualities in your company which speak of your rare and identifiable characteristics; rather than repeat undefinable vagaries and cliches such as BEST and PERFECT.

I believe, without hesitation, if you follow that marketing path, targeted prospects will come flocking to you. Asking FIRST, about your availability, before bringing up price.