Communication and Customer Service

By Elisabeth Scott Daley, WED®, ABC™ – “A Passion for Performance”

It never ceases to amaze me how bad many people are at returning phone calls and emails. I mean, seriously…how can someone stay in business waiting days to return emails and phone calls?

I’m like a kid at Christmas when my phone rings or when I get an email inquiry. I’m always happy for the opportunity to sell my services and continue old-telephoneto make a living doing what I love.

Just this week I got an inquiry from someone who was getting worried about the DJ showing up for their event because the person they hired has failed to return multiple phone messages. Sadly, I have been hired to “cover” for this person before because of the same reason. That person really should be ashamed of themselves.

My clients tell me all the time how happy they are with the fact that I make communication with them a priority. In my opinion, it demonstrates that I value their business and give priority to their needs.

Show Some Respect

When someone trusts you to be a part of their wedding day, that is a great honor and as mobile entertainers, we need to truly respect that! We may have heard a question a million times; we may know that whatever the perceived problem is, that it won’t actually be a problem.

We know that because it’s not our first rodeo…but they don’t know. Communicate! Your job is to make sure that your bride and groom don’t get stressed leading up to their wedding day. You are their advocate. You are the calm in the storm. You are the experienced leader they are relying upon. Don’t wimp out!

Additionally, if you say you are going to do something – do it! Don’t make excuses.

Make Your Clients a Priority

Let your passion for creating amazing wedding receptions show in everything you do. If you’ve built a relationship of trust during the “planning” stages, your bride and groom will be relaxed and ready to dance the night away listening to all the great music you’re going to be playing!


  • Liz Daley, WED®, AWP™ - A Passion for Performance

    Liz Daley is a seasoned veteran of stage and screen and is the owner of Liz Daley Events, a boutique entertainment company in Virginia opened in 2004 that delivers dramatically different results. She got her first radio job at 16, but her passion for live entertainment moved her across the country performing from New York to Nashville as well as the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas! She works with brides and grooms to create Classic, Fun and Memorable wedding receptions. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Boston Conservatory of Music, she is a certified Wedding Entertainment Director® and the National President of the Wedding Entertainment Directors Guild® and an Accredited Wedding Planner™ with the Association of Bridal Consultants. She is currently co-hosting educational performance workshops for Wedding DJs and Masters of Ceremonies with Peter Merry, “The Fun Wedding Experts”.

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