Easy PR Tactics for Your DJ Business

By Stacy Zemon, Publisher & Chief Scribe

If your marketing budget is tight (or even if it isn’t), here are three free, easy ways to attract attention to your mobile entertainment business without spending money. The only price you’ll pay is time.

1. Contribute to trade publications like Mobile Beat, DJ Times and ProMobileDJ.com.

Send an email inquiry and writing sample to the editor or publisher. The value of doing this is that you get to contribute your know-how to our industry, and also add to your professional credibility as a published writer. Be sure to include a bi-line at the end of your article that provides a description of your company and a link to your website.

2. Pitch stories to mainstream media, especially your local newspaper.

Become your own PR agency. Think about new developments in our industry and items that party planners and brides want to know. To boost the odds that an editor will accept your pitch, your information should be accurate, compelling, and new. Offer yourself up as a knowledgeable source on the topic and you could be mentioned or even prominently profiled in an article. If you have previously contributed to a trade publication, you will more likely be viewed as an expert.

3. Swap your services for advertising.

Offer your DJ services for a holiday party in exchange for prominent placement in a local newspaper, a banner at a regional conference or seminar, or a brochure that will be disseminated at a community event.

There are many ways to generate publicity for your DJ service. Check out this page for a whole lot more!


  • Stacy Zemon is the Founder, Former Publisher and Former Chief Scribe of ProMobileDJ.com. She is a veteran DJ Entertainer who is widely considered an authority on the DJ business, and has become a distinguished industry leader over the course of her illustrious 30+ year career. Stacy’s mission is to provide educational resources for DJs that support their professional growth and financial prosperity. She is a longtime writer for DJ Times magazine, and author of the world’s best-selling DJ books: The Mobile DJ Handbook, The DJ Sales & Marketing Handbook and The Mobile DJ MBA. Stacy is a self-described serial entrepreneur (Equal parts creativity and business). From her efforts, she has spawned more professional disc jockey business owners than any other person in the mobile DJ industry!

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