Gaining Momentum


By Julie Oshins, “Play It Forward”

In addition to owning my DJ business, I also hang my virtual “shingle” with a network marketing company that is a great match for my personality and criteria in life. I just came from an international training conference, and I learned quite a bit that I am also planning to apply to my DJ business. So I thought I would share it with you, and that you might also find these tips useful.

As DJs a good portion of our business comes from word of mouth and referrals. We occasionally have repeat clients, but often we are hired for that one event, which means there is perpetually a brand new pool of prospective customers. But how do we reach them? And what actions are we taking to grow our business?

There was a LOT of talk this weekend about Momentum, or as one speaker called it

“Big Mo.” The ONLY thing that creates and sustains momentum is consistent action. Well, they had me right there. . . I take actions for my business, but I wouldn’t say I’m consistent about it, not like the 3 days a week I work out with my trainer. They also emphasized that if you condense your activity into a smaller amount of time it creates momentum. Think of the walking sidewalk at the airport. If you are on the moving sidewalk, and your buddy is walking next to you, you are both doing that same amount of work, but you are going faster because there is already movement!

So, how do you create movement? We got a homework assignment:

  1. Join an organization (if you are not in one already) and get on the board. Have people start to know you and recognize your name and face and the services you provide. Anything from a networking group, to your condo association, to a non-profit you are passionate about, to your local Chamber.
  2. Play Some Sports. Now they said this because my other business is a Health & Wellness company- What could this be for your business? A meet up? Some kind of group activity where you meet more people and get in front of those fresh faces that don’t know you, and need a DJ in their rolodex! Get creative.
  3. Accept All Invitations!! If you are not working and can go, be a Yes! whenever possible. You NEVER know whom you might meet or the connection you might make. Some of my best clients have come from random meetings or events.

The other major topic was personal growth. Way too many people undervalue what they ARE, and overvalue what they are NOT!

The primary avenue for self-improvement is our attitude. Respect, self-confidence, and an optimistic attitude creates better opportunities, and will also attract people to you. Personal growth is truly about understanding who you are. This is key to cultivating and expanding yourself. No matter where you are today, your life is a work in progress. Your self-expansion will always be a lifelong pursuit. One female speaker insists on the power of a morning ritual. 20 minutes of reading /listening to motivational/growth materials, then 20 minutes of exercise, the last 20 minutes are divided between affirmations and meditation.

In the process, you will discover many things about yourself. Your passions? Are there roadblocks along the way? I invite you to try this for at least 10 Days, ideally a month, and see what shifts for you. You might be surprised what you are capable of!

The most effective way to do it, is to do it- Amelia Earhart

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