How to Become the Best Disc Jockey You Can Be

How to Become the Best Disc Jockey You Can Be


Is there a magic formula or a simple solution to ensure that you can become one of the best DJs in your area? Not reallybut there are many ways to point yourself in the right direction. Below are a few guidelines to follow that prove beneficial to many top disc jockeys.


Always exceed expectations

To exceed a client’s expectations is simply to provide more than a client is hoping for. It could be an early call to them, performing more activities or playing all of their requests. It may even be a DJ who is accommodating and polite. Although the expectations vary from client to client, your best performance at each party will ensure you have exceeded their expectations. The better you perform, the more noticed you will become which means the more referrals you will get.


Your sales pitch is 100%


Eighty percent of your sales pitch for new referrals depends on the quality of your performance. Make a party fun and memorable and people will be invested in having you for their party. The other 20 percent is your sales ability. Don’t be afraid to ask a potential client to fill out information that you can follow up with them later. Most will say yes! Also, be sure to distribute plenty of business cards and/or literature. These actions will help convince many clients to book you.


Invest when you can


If there is one piece of equipment you can invest in to improve your performance as a disc jockey, it is a nice wireless microphone. A wireless mic enables you to go places with a mic where no DJ has gone before with a wire. You will be able to stay on the dance floor with the guests for activities, teaching line dances and for introductions. A wireless mic forces you to move from behind the equipment and enjoy the fun with the guests.


Do the little things


In sports, the difference between an athletes success or failure is usually determined by the little extras each player does more than the other. This jockeying is no different. Those DJs cognizant of the little things that make a difference make sure they call their clients early, arrive with plenty of time to set up and get organized, add interesting and fun twist to the activities, and always perform to the best of their ability.

See limitless possibilities


Some believe the only disc jockeys that are the best because they have an excellent voice, they can beat mix real well or they can scratch and cut records. The truth is that it doesn’t always take years to get there. Theres a bunch of talent who are top DJs today that started only a few years ago. Work hard and commit yourself to be the best you can be, and you will see results!


  • Greg has been a mobile disc jockey for over 30 years. He began Djing at 18, and at 22 joined the nations largest wedding services company where he entered management after one year. Later in his career he was made an executive and by the time the company had peaked he was managing over 350 Disc Jockeys, videographers, photographers, and photo booth operators in 24 different branches across the United States and Canada.
    After 25 years of success with the company, Greg went independent and opened his own entertainment services company, in addition to a DJ Entertainment School he had bought years earlier. The School focuses on teaching adults and Kids how to DJ and entertain. As a solid member of his community he also donates time to several organizations teaching inner city kids and special needs kids how to DJ.
    Greg is a member of The Senate Djs and The House of Reps DJ community that is for improving yourself professionally in the entertainment industry. He also hosts a Sunday night radio show at 9pm on
    As a force of nature within the entertainment industry he also represents as a Brand ambassador and sponsored artist with Peavey Electronics, NAME Entertainers, Floyd Rose audio, BPM Supreme, and Spinfluenceit. You can catch him teaching and doing seminars at The DJ Expo and for NYC DJ con. He also hosts the "In The Cue" podcast every Monday night at 8pm EST! Go to or search in the cue podcast on youtube for more!
    He will be presenting at DJ Expo in 2021! Be sure to check him out! &
    (267) 625-3227

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