How to Generate More Sales for Your DJ Business


By Stacy Zemon

There’s only ONE THING that separates a DJ business that thrives and one that dies.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s not social media.

(When someone files for bankruptcy, they aren’t claiming “I didn’t have enough Facebook fans” as their reason why).

It’s not technological know-how.

(Technology that works today will be replaced tomorrow).

And it’s definitely NOT “more gear.”


So what is it?

It’s the ability to generate MORE sales.

Not just any sales, but profitable sales.

Because, as billionaire investor, Mark Cuban said, “sales cure all.”

Here’s why:

More sales mean more money. And more money means you can keep your DJ business going, provide happiness to a tremendous amount of people, and make a comfortable living for yourself and your family.

The best part?


Many DJs have this mistaken view of sales, and that getting more bookings is just too hard or even impossible.

But the truth is, more sales allows you to do what you love… and STAY doing it.

And that’s the KEY.

The only way for you to STAY in business is by generating profitable sales because those sales will give you the reward you need to stay motivated. It will also give you the revenue you need to invest in your business to ensure you’re helping the most people to the absolute best of your abilities.

The BIG question is:

How can you start generating more sales TODAY?

You’ve got to prove your value!!!

So just how do you do that?

Angel Pacanins, owner of M&A Entertainment from Albany, Texas offers some excellent “show and tell” ideas:

“I do it through high-quality pictures that I use in my presentation (I buy them from their photographers), and video reviews from our past brides. I put a lot of effort in making sure that we get video testimonials from either the bride and groom or the parents of the bride.

My auto-response to the dreaded question ‘Is there any way we can come see you work?’ is: ‘As a private event DJ I cannot justify inviting anyone to someone else’s party to audition me. I will extend the same courtesy to you at your event. I do have some video, however, that showcases me in action. Please allow me to share it with you.’ This response along with the video are never a problem, and it shows that I am a professional who cares about the events where I perform.”

Educate Prospects

It has been my experience that educating prospects is a critical part of demonstrating value. Simply put, you’ve got to explain that you offer much more than being “just” a DJ who plays music. Then you’ve got to tell them what you offer, explain why it benefits them, show examples through video, and justify the cost to their entire budget because what you do adds so much value to the overall success of their event.

Isaac Atkinson, General Manager from Good Times Entertainment in Fresno California is always delighted by these opportunities. “It’s a great feeling when you have a prospective client seated in front you (a client who supposedly understood what we’d had to offer before meeting us) and their eyes light up and get big because you just taught them something that they could incorporate into their event!”

Show Video Testimonials

Showing a few video testimonials from happy prior clients is another highly effective way to prove your value. In fact, I’d recommend asking clients for video testimonials at every event and putting those videos up on your website.

Dave Ternier of Special Request Weddings in Manitoba Canada says’s “Experience really (only) counts when you can demonstrate it.” I agree. Here’s what he tells his clients:

“I’ve been entertaining for over twenty-five years. I’ll help with putting together a timeline of events for your reception so that everything flows smoothly. I’ll help you come up with unique ideas for your party so that things are more personal and exciting for not only you but your family and friends as well.”

What does any of that really mean? Is that information really anything tangible for the soon-to-be-married wedding couple sitting across the table from you? Without some demonstration of what you’re saying, there may be disbelief or skepticism sitting across the table from you.

Demonstrate Everything You Say

“Unless you can find a way to demonstrate everything that you say when meeting with a wedding couple for the first time, you may or may not be working with them in the end. You may not have built enough value because really, anyone can “say” those things right? What will separate you from the DJ who can’t actually deliver on what he said he was going to, is to find ways to demonstrate, or provide real life examples, of everything you say. Everything.”

Dave goes on to say: “A lot of the time, I choose to use spoken story to demonstrate my proficiency in these different areas. I love sharing examples of moments from past weddings with newly-engaged couples because it can often demonstrate many points within one neat package. For instance, if I choose to share the story of a couple who had a really unique and fun cake cutting.”

The value of this article is that it demonstrates that there are many ways to prove your value to prospects to convert them into clients. If you incorporate the ideas expressed here into your sales techniques, then you have effectively proven your value. Never again need you be speechless when asked, “How much do you charge to DJ for four hours at an event?”


  • Stacy Zemon is the Founder, Former Publisher and Former Chief Scribe of She is a veteran DJ Entertainer who is widely considered an authority on the DJ business, and has become a distinguished industry leader over the course of her illustrious 30+ year career. Stacy’s mission is to provide educational resources for DJs that support their professional growth and financial prosperity. She is a longtime writer for DJ Times magazine, and author of the world’s best-selling DJ books: The Mobile DJ Handbook, The DJ Sales & Marketing Handbook and The Mobile DJ MBA. Stacy is a self-described serial entrepreneur (Equal parts creativity and business). From her efforts, she has spawned more professional disc jockey business owners than any other person in the mobile DJ industry!

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