Reconsidering Twitter, The Greatest Networking Tool for DJs

Twitter Tips for DJs

By Tony Schwartz, “Social Media DJ”

In my debut article for, I mentioned that Twitter has become the “Swamp of Promotion”, whereas it should be treated as the Internet’s largest cocktail party. Many DJs do not get this, and I believe it is because they are missing the point of Twitter. It’s time to fix that!

First, as DJs, we must understand the point of Twitter: to engage in conversations within the confines of 140 characters per Tweet. Yes, you can storytell around your brand and the content you put out, but you have to do it differently than on Facebook and Instagram. You just have to be very enticing when you do so, and encourage those on the platform to engage with you.

Let’s say you shot a quick video of your dance floor on Instagram and had it auto-post to Twitter. And maybe you captioned it The dance floor at Ashley & Joes wedding is packed! So there’s your post: a little bit of content, a link to the video, done. Easy way to tell a part of your brand’s story, right?

Here’s the problem: as a Twitter user, it’s a boring post. Remember, it’s a cocktail party; would this post be enticing to the person I’m speaking with? Likely not – the expectations of a DJ is pack the dance floor. So, let’s try our example again:

This dance floor LOVES Uptown Funkright now! What song would you mix in next?

Here is what I have learned: Twitter is not an extension of my Facebook or Instagram accounts. This includes video and photos. While it may save you time to auto-post, it costs your followers their time. Post natively to the app so the consumption of your media is part of their up and down scrolling.

Now that we understand how to use Twitter, I’d like to offer a few more tips on how you can maximize Twitter for your business needs. Here are five things to try that have worked well for me:

Use Hootsuite. It’s a remarkable platform for Twitter, as I can create different tabs for my lists, searches, timelines, and more. I highly recommend it for your main office computer.

Create Lists. Twitter Lists are a great way to prevent a cluttered feed, plus you don’t even have to follow someone to put them in a list! Since I’m stringent on who I follow, I’ll add those I don’t know to a specified list and begin my networking and engagement efforts there.

Limit Hashtags. Some people go overboard on hashtags. It’s nonsense and a quick way to lose the trust and interest of your followers. Keep them relevant, not spammy.

Use Twitter Search. In my Hootsuite dashboard, I have setup a couple of search terms that I’ll scan through a couple of times a day. It’s a great way to listen, engage, and network.

And finally, I saved the best for last:

Video Replies. This is my favorite feature of Twitter and a FANTASTIC way to create new levels of depth and connect with those I engage with. Plus, it allows me to get in more than 140 characters per tweet!

Want to see how cool video replies are? Send me a tweet right now – @DJTonySchwartz – and tell me what you thought of this article on Pro Mobile DJ. I’ll send you back a video reply, plus, one lucky DJ will be randomly selected for a 30 minute Twitter “game planning” session with me!

So, there you have it: a new way to approach Twitter. Just remember to treat it as a cocktail party: give and listen more than you ask and take.

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