Reviving a Dead Lead with an Email


By Tony Schwartz, “The Social Media DJ”

As a mobile DJ, one of the most frustrating elements of the sales process is the “dead lead.” You know what I mean: an inquiring couple shoots you an email, you stop whatever you are doing to respond as quickly as possible, and then… nothing.

Subsequent emails also elicit no response from a lead.

A couple of years ago, I learned about this simple trick on how to revive a dead lead – for the life of me, I honestly can’t remember where or who I learned it from – and now I’d like to pass it on to you. It’s a simple concept, based on the understanding that text and email messages have replaced the telephone as the new conversational medium:

SUBJECT LINE: {Lead’s Name}

MESSAGE: Are you still interested in booking a {insert your service here}?  – Tony

That’s it. No fancy signature, no Facebook or website links, no phone number, no company name, etc. Just a simple message that is conversational in nature. On Friday, I actually sent out a variation of this email concept through my photo booth company, and these are just a few of the actual responses I received:

My inlaws actually rented one for us for our wedding which was last month. However, I serve on the board for a non profit that serves young adults including returning service members with traumatic brain injuries. We have our fundraiser dinner/auction on 2/27. Would you be interested?

We are no longer interested.

How much is a photo booth currently for say 2 to 4 hours?

Hi tony! I am interested

Our next event isn’t until November next year, but thank you.

We are still deciding on a photo booth (whether or not to have one). I appreciate your follow up!

Yes we are still interested in your photo booth. How do we book? We are looking at the options now. Do you offer military discounts? Thanks for checking back in with us it was one aspect that kind of got pushed aside.

Of the 41 emails I sent out, 35 of them replied over the weekend. Statistically, that is not only a phenomenal open rate – the average is approximately 17% depending on who you ask – but it’s also an incredible response rate. Some of the leads I was able to cross off my list; others were still interested and I was able to continue down my sales process with. One even booked!

So, if your list of “no response” leads is building, invest a few moments of your time today with this email approach. Let me know how it works for you.

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