Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll

John Murphy

By John Murphy, “Make 100 Healthy”

In last month’s column, I spoke about my inspiration to create Make 100 Healthy, which was the loss of so many dear, personal friends. But it’s not just people we know dying prematurely. It’s also our idols and famous people that seem larger than life that are dying so young and too soon.

When I was growing up, sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll seemed like the ultimate lifestyle – to live like a rock star, have as much sex as you can, and party hardy. After a while though, I realized that those things aren’t really sustainable. This is evidenced by the shock I feel every time I learn of a celebrity or rock icon dying in their 50,s 60s or early 70s. Can you relate?

Why are we surprised though? It doesn’t matter if you are a genius making some of the best music of your generation or if you are an Academy-Award winning actor if you don’t take care of yourself, you will burn out and your body will succumb to all the years of abuse.

The first concert I every saw was “The Eagles” at Madison Square Garden in 1976. It was the Hotel California tour and they were the hottest band in the world. I was a geeky freshman and I asked a popular, pretty girl who was a senior at my high school to go with me.

To my surprise, she said “yes” (the power of Rock and Roll). I’ll let you in on a little secret. This was the first time I ever tried Pot. The concert was incredible, and it seemed like everyone there was stoned and happy. The ushers looked the other way as concert-goers passed joints while enjoying the music and the atmosphere.

That’s just the way it was back then. I thought you needed to partake to be cool. Fast-forward forty years later and the legendary Glen Frey dies of colitis and bad health. This happened only about a week after David Bowie died and I was stunned. Frey was a master of his profession who even starred in commercials in the mid 90s for a health and fitness club. Isn’t that ironic? The ad showed him stoned and out of it circa 1976, and jacked up and buff in 1996.

About the ad Frey said, “I don’t want to harp on this or sound like a zealot, but I just decided to take better care of myself and get into shape. I was in the hospital two years ago with an infection in the lower intestinal track that had everything to do with my lifestyle…Not eating right, not exercising, smoking, drinking, snorting, you name it.“

We’ve lost too many legends way too soon but it shouldn’t be totally unexpected. Let’s face it, your body is a temple and if you continue to abuse it, it’s going to give out. There journeys are cautionary tales that there’s a price to pay for an unhealthy lifestyle.

A moment ago I mentioned David Bowie who was arguably one of the most creative and talented rockers of all times. Did you know that he had five heart attacks before he died? The fact is that we are ALL vulnerable to the same fate if we don’t make real changes to protect our health!

A few weeks before Frey and Bowie died, one of the most incredible rock voices to ever grace our world, Scott Weiland, died in his 40s of an accidental drug overdose after struggling his whole life from addiction.

And then we had to witness the death of the one and only Prince of a drug overdose from Fentanyl. How shocking, sad and incredible that BOTH Michael Jackson and Prince never made it past their 50s because of drug addiction! (Drug addiction and overdose is at epidemic levels. If you or someone you love is suffering from Alcohol or Drug Addiction you can find help at

What a shame and what a waste. Don’t let this happen to you! While you may not be a rock star you still have the opportunity to learn from their demise. The bottom line is, if you mistreat your body it will wear down over time and you will likely die an early death.  To live a long and healthy life, you need to learn and implement the best practices to achieve longevity.

Make 100 Healthy is a movement that shares the stories of people that are doing extraordinary things to do just that. I think it’s time that we amplify a message of positivity by celebrating and honoring those people in our lives who are shining examples of “Living a Life of Passion and Vitality.”

If you or someone you know is living their life this way, I invite you to share the story for a book I am currently writing about this subject. From the submissions I receive, I will include the top 100 stories that will give readers’ hope and proof that we can live to 100 and beyond and still be healthy. My goal is to inspire people to make healthy choices based on proven facts and shining examples of those who are succeeding.

To contact me with your success story or the success story of someone you know, email or call me at (908) 309-7046.



    John MurphyWith an endless supply of energy and charisma, John Murphy has brought his passion for innovation and excellence to both the entertainment and new product arenas. And now he is focusing his energies on your health.

    Murphy is the brainchild of Make 100 Healthy, a new company that is creating awareness, excitement and programs to get people to take action and make positive change in their lives. Achieving Balance by combining Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness is the Make 100 Healthy Way to a long life full of vitality.

    Prior to this, Murphy invented a line of Detachable Pill Organizers (Detach N Go) and a full line of Battery Powered LED Lighting products (It’s Exciting Lighting) and sold them both for a profit.

    Murphy was also the founder and CEO of Star DJs as well as a Celebrity Entertainer to the Stars. Murphy has performed at thousands of national events, parties and promotions. He has entertained numerous celebrities including Bruce Springsteen, George Strait, Tom Hanks, Katie Couric, Donald Trump, Former Yankee manager Lou Piniella and many others. He was a national spokesman for Pioneer and MTX Soundcraftsmen. Murphy has been featured on national television programs including the American Entrepreneur series and CBS Morning News. He is also the Executive Producer and Host of “Lets Dance with the World Famous STAR DJS” video series that was distributed internationally.

    Murphy’s many years as a celebrity MC and entertainer have come in handy. Today he is a frequent on-air spokesman on shop on TV programs, sharing the It’s Exciting Lighting product line with national and international audiences of millions. To date, Murphy and his products have been featured on QVC, HSN, TSC in Canada and TVSN in Australia multiple times.

    Murphy is available for speaking engagements, interviews and events. You can contact him c/o

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