Take a Walk Down Integrity Street

By Julie Oshins, “Play It Forward”:

“My DJ just canceled! My wedding is next Saturday!! Help!!”

How many of us have gotten that desperate call? How many of us have been that DJ who canceled?

Legitimate emergencies happen to the best of us. Whether or not we handle them with integrity makes all the difference because integrity = trust. People do business with people they trust or people recommended to them by people they trust. Break that trust and the phone stops ringing.

Most of us were introduced to integrity as a right vs. wrong phenomenon. Someone who has integrity did the “right” thing. Someone who doesn’t do the “wrong” thing.

What it there’s no morality involved?

What if integrity is simply about something working or not working?

I’m going to assert something kinda radical here: what if the law of integrity is as undeniable as, say, the law of gravity?

Einstein describes gravity, not as a force, but as a consequence of the curvature of spacetime caused by the uneven distribution of mass/energy. Equally, being IN or OUT of integrity is not a function of morality. It’s a function of workability. If you don’t show up to a gig or if a client doesn’t pay there are consequences. Workability has been impacted.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we deal with the law of integrity every day within our government, our financial institutions, dealing with vendors and venues, client meetings, double bookings – our integrity is challenged daily.

Here are four power-tools for your DJ kit that will have you be a team player with the law of integrity:

Honor your word.

Whether it’s attending an ADJA meeting or returning a phone call, honor your Yes or say No if you know you can’t do it.

We don’t really have control over anything in life, however, we do have command over our word, our personal integrity. The power to do what you say you will do by when you say you will do it.

Be in communication if you’re unable to keep your word.

Don’t make your coordinator play “ Where’s the DJ?” if you’re running late, call the venue.

When people are left wondering it can lead to misunderstanding and upset. Integrity can often be reinstated by being in communication as soon as you know a commitment won’t be met on time and by stating when it will actually be complete.

Do it the way it was meant to be done, the way you said you would do it.

The party is dead, but you do the whole job live instead of throwing on a playlist.

It’s late, you’re tired and yet there are things we must do without cutting corners, without taking shortcuts, in order to honor whatever we agreed upon.

Do what’s expected even if they haven’t asked you to do it.

You become bartender, electrician, coordinator and family therapist. When you were just hired to DJ.

Integrity is about character, transparency, and letting go of one’s ego to honor agreements not verbalized and yet still expected.

“But I’m A DJ! – Ego included, no assembly required!”

Let go of your ego. Find a perspective about being a DJ that inspires you – like providing extraordinary customer service. I love being of service. If I’m focused on supporting the client by giving them an event they’ll remember then my ego isn’t in the room. It’s not about ME.

I’m grateful I get paid to bring great music to the masses. Striving for integrity presents me with ever increasing opportunities to do more of what I love.

Now that works.


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