The Big 3 Reasons Prospects Don’t Book You

Three reasons

By Stacy Zemon

If you’re a mobile DJ business owner, you’ve likely heard these reasons why a prospect isn’t booking your services:

• I/We don’t have have the budget.

• I/We need to consult with family, partner, Ouija Board

• I/We have been using my family, friend, drinking buddy for years.

Sound familiar?

Of course, some of the “no’s” you hear are legit.

However, many are just stalls masking the real reasons why your prospects aren’t hiring you.

It boils down to these 3 things.

1. They don’t want what you’ve got.

2. They don’t see the value in what you’ve got.

3. They don’t like or trust you.

And once you learn to eliminate these objections from the start you will sell more.

Reason #1 – they don’t want what you’ve got.

Dealing with this requires some due diligence, preparation, and strategy on your part.

It begins with choosing a specific target market and getting to know them inside and out.

Think like them, speak like them, step into their shoes.

Yes, this takes work.

No, it doesn’t guarantee everyone in your target market will book you.

But I guarantee you will close more deals than if you spend your time winging it.

Reason #2 – they don’t see the value in what you’ve got.

This is the true meaning behind those pricing and money objections.

And why you must be prepared to show them a Return On Investment not just financially, but emotionally, physically, and even spiritually.

Think about your service.

What makes it priceless?

If you don’t know, you need to know now.

It starts with “why” a prospect wants to solve their problem beyond the obvious need.

There are deep rooted core benefits they are really looking to buy from you.

And when you ask the right questions and get your prospects to clearly articulate them, they will be hungry to do business with you.

Reason #3 – they don’t like or trust you.

Or for those who offend easily…

It’s not a good fit.

Admit it.

You’ve had clients whom you’ve fantasized about causing bodily harm.

Well stop wasting your time, and theirs, trying to force it.

We’re not meant to work with everyone in our target market.

Focus on attracting your ideal clients…those who energize, inspire, and allow you to do your best work.

You’ll have a lot more fun.

For example: Here are some of the values, qualities, and characteristics of my ideal clients.

• They appreciate advice and talent from an expert.

• They are collaborative.

• They make payments on time.

• They are easy and fun to work with.

Place your focus on these three areas and you will close more gigs, be happier, and watch your bank account grow.


  • Stacy Zemon is the Founder, Former Publisher and Former Chief Scribe of She is a veteran DJ Entertainer who is widely considered an authority on the DJ business, and has become a distinguished industry leader over the course of her illustrious 30+ year career. Stacy’s mission is to provide educational resources for DJs that support their professional growth and financial prosperity. She is a longtime writer for DJ Times magazine, and author of the world’s best-selling DJ books: The Mobile DJ Handbook, The DJ Sales & Marketing Handbook and The Mobile DJ MBA. Stacy is a self-described serial entrepreneur (Equal parts creativity and business). From her efforts, she has spawned more professional disc jockey business owners than any other person in the mobile DJ industry!

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