Top 5 Reasons to Book School Dances

By Ric Hansen, Guest Writer

Not to be boastful, but I have built a six figure income on school dances. That’s about 85% of my company’s overall business. Needless to say, I love this market!

Here are my Top 5 reasons why:

1. Unlike the one-off wedding business, with schools you can actually build a customer base that returns time after time, year after year.

2. The school dance market is finite, we know how many schools there are, where they are and with a little research who makes the decisions. Any marketer loves an easy to define and reach market.

3. Less marketing competition. Most other DJs in town are spending their time, efforts and money working hard to attract the next wedding (Which will come and go). Few DJs are serious about school dances.

4. School Dances keep you young, fresh, contemporary and high-energy. Let’s face it, wedding’s are not exactly cutting-edge events. School dances require you to be at the top of your game (musically, equipment, and energy level wise), which pays dividends at every other event you do – including weddings.

5. School Dances can be an amazing source of revenue for nine months out of a year with events that many times fall outside of prime time Saturday nights.

Who to Contact for Bookings

Most schools have one or two teachers, working under supplemental contracts as co-curricular advisers. The teacher(s) is/are ultimately responsible for organizing the dances and hiring the DJ.

These advisers have different titles depending on the school. In middle schools and junior high schools, it’s usually the student council adviser or athletic/activities director. In high schools, it’s often class advisers, the student council adviser, or co-curricular director.School Dance Network

I’ll cover how to effectively market to schools in my next article. Until then, as an added bonus for reading this one, here is where to find a listing of teen “Safe Songs” to play.

Ric Hansen is the Founder and Manager of the School Dance Network. He is always on the lookout for new Member DJs.



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