Vestax Rolls Out Typhoon Virtual DJ

by Robert Lindquist

Vestax’s Typhoon, an all-in-one, affordable Digital DJ System now ships with Virtual DJ software featuring custom Typhoon faceplate graphics, making the Typhoon the easiest to use DJ controller on the market.

Atomix Productions Inc. has developed a custom version of Virtual DJ just for Typhoon. The software’s interface emulates the look and feel of the Typhoon’s magnificent carbon fiber control surface so that the user can easily see which functions in the software are manipulated by the Typhoon’s controls. This integrated solution offers an incredibly intuitive, easy to use mixing experience. Typhoon can also run with any commercial DJ software that accepts MIDI control.

Typhoon features two high-resolution, touch-sensitive, backlit, dual-action platters based on Vestax’s exclusive VCI-300 platter technology providing the best DJ mixing and scratching solution available at this price point. High-resolution sensors provide realistic analog scratch action on the top surfaces, while the outside edges offer pitch-bend for seamless mix blending. With stunning platter cover designs, the platters’ touch-sensitivity reveals red and blue backlights for instant visual status feedback helping even beginning DJs spin like pros.

Typhoon’s chassis boasts eye-popping carbon fiber graphics and houses comprehensive, intuitive controls that are equally at home in both scratching and club mix applications. With its integrated sound card, Typhoon is ready to rock right out of the box. Its USB buss-powered design plugs directly into any computer, Mac or PC. Typhoon also includes the precision crossfader technology that made Vestax famous, with fast, smooth fader action that pro DJs have relied upon for years.

Track and master gain levels are easily monitored via 3-step and 5-step LED meters. Connectivity is both straightforward and comprehensive, with a USB buss port and stereo RCA audio outputs, microphone input and headphone monitor outputs. The back panel also houses sensitivity level adjustments for the touch sensors. The control section located above the platters includes controls for tempo, gain, loop creation, 3-band EQ sliders, and more.

Ease of use coupled with Vestax’s professional control technology gives Typhoon the capability to be used in mobile, club, scratch or home applications, while boasting the audio quality that professional DJs demand. With solid Vestax build quality, Typhoon weighs just 3.3 pounds and measures just 14 inches across, fitting easily into a 15-inch laptop bag.

Typhoon with custom Virtual DJ software is now shipping and widely available. CLICK HERE

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