By Elisabeth Scott Daley, WED®, ABC™

In 2007, when I was attending my 2nd Mobile Beat Conference, I sat near the back of the room during a presentation that everyone was buzzing about. There was a gentleman who I had only briefly met the previous year and everyone was talking about what he was going to announce during his seminar.

Of course, that man was WED GUILD® founder, Peter Merry, and what he had to say made me sit up straight in my seat and start taking notes.

First, Peter introduced his new book; “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!” and everyone went crazy. Then came the really big news! Peter, along with a group of his closest friends and confidants had created a group called The Wedding Entertainment Directors Guild, otherwise known as The WED GUILD®!

This organization would have stringent entrance requirements and acceptance into the group would truly show all brides and grooms that those who obtained membership were uniquely qualified to act as Masters of Ceremonies for weddings. Where do I sign up was my immediate thought?!

Then, directly following the presentation I was again introduced to Peter Merry. I purchased my first of many, many copies of The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!, got it signed, and promptly read the entire thing, cover to cover on my trip home.

Within a matter of days, Peter and I had connected online and he asked me to join the WED GUILD®, as the first female Board of Directors member. I was so honored and excited! Then I had to put together my application! Holy “ beep”!!!!

However, I love a challenge, so I feverishly put together my application in a matter of days and submitted it online. I didn’t quite have “everything” included, so technically my application was the “2nd” one submitted. (Matt Graumann beat me to the punch) Then the waiting began.

Unlike current applicants, Board of Directors members had to get unanimous approval from all the other WED GUILD®, board members. Thankfully, after much fingernail biting and constructive criticism, my application was accepted on July 7, 2007.

Then began the process of living up to the title. After being included with such amazing company, I knew I had to keep pushing myself to improve and deserve the title.

One of the first things that really helped me begin to spread my wings was some sage advice from the man who has become one of my closest friends, Peter Merry.

For some reason, I had decided to keep my “theater” training out of my Master of Ceremonies and DJ work. He asked me, “Why?” I didn’t have an answer. So I began incorporating my theatre training into my weddings and my eyes were opened to all the possibilities.

Then, fellow Wedding Entertainment Director®, Bill Hermann asked me “Why?” on a much broader level and I was challenged again. Then I started teaching a workshop with Peter Merry called “Make It GRAND!” and that opened the door to even more possibilities.

Every applicant and every student challenges me to improve. The cycle of learning will never end, and isn’t that a wonderful thing!

In 2010, Peter asked me to take over as President of the WED GUILD®, and I was once again honored and humbled. My first task was to secure the trademark for WED GUILD® and Wedding Entertainment Director®. Today, we have finally achieved both!

Today is a great day for Wedding Entertainers! Today is a great day for every bride and groom who wants a credentialed entertainer for their wedding! Today is a day that will change the industry!

The WED GUILD® is the first and only organization recognized by the United States Government through the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its certification of elite wedding Masters of Ceremonies. There is a new choice to help ensure an amazing wedding reception, and that choice is to hire a Wedding Entertainment Director®

Do you have what it takes? Take the challenge and submit your application today! WED GUILD®


  • Liz Daley, WED®, AWP™ - A Passion for Performance

    Liz Daley is a seasoned veteran of stage and screen and is the owner of Liz Daley Events, a boutique entertainment company in Virginia opened in 2004 that delivers dramatically different results. She got her first radio job at 16, but her passion for live entertainment moved her across the country performing from New York to Nashville as well as the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas! She works with brides and grooms to create Classic, Fun and Memorable wedding receptions. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Boston Conservatory of Music, she is a certified Wedding Entertainment Director® and the National President of the Wedding Entertainment Directors Guild® and an Accredited Wedding Planner™ with the Association of Bridal Consultants. She is currently co-hosting educational performance workshops for Wedding DJs and Masters of Ceremonies with Peter Merry, “The Fun Wedding Experts”.

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