Take a journey with me to a magical location in space and time somewhere between Possibility Street and Reality Lane. The only limits here are those of your own imagination.

Our ship has landed and we have arrived at the theater right on time.  The curtain is going up and…



YOU are the Headliner in a distinctly original production of The Greatest Show on Earth, Your Life!  The “real” you steps into the spotlight and you are joined by every aspect of your personality.  Each of you plays a part in the cast, crew, and audience.  With direction from your inner Guru and all of the props and scenery in place, you are ready to put on the performance of a lifetime.


There is no dress rehearsal and the world is your stage.  You discover that you are a highly creative being, capable of writing your script in any way you choose.  As the performance begins, you are amazed by your own ability to sing, dance act so well.  There is no stopping you but for your inner critic.


This is your variety show so create it according to your wildest dreams.  NOW is the only time that exists and every moment on stage is what you make of it.  You are surrounded by an adoring audience who has come to cheer you on, so go ahead and take a bow.  Enjoy your standing ovation!

Your inspirational muse (yours truly) is already one of your biggest fans, here to hold up a mirror so you can see yourself as you really are.

Looking forward to meeting you somewhere in space and time, I am…

Yours Faithfully,

Stacy Zemon

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