The “WOW” Factor – Create It Every Time!

by Alan Dodson, Editor in Chief

How do you stand out in a market that is filled with low-priced and inexperienced DJs?  “WOW” your clients at every opportunity, that’s how!

Let’s face it, the one thing we all want to be is unforgettable. If you’re not making a positive and lasting impression then it might be time to add some “punch” to your marketing and performances.

Creating memorable experiences for clients motivates them to want to refer you. Word-of-mouth is the greatest form of advertising and best of all, it’s free!

Write Down the Details

Always remember to keep a notepad with you at meetings with prospects. Jot down not only event-related information but also get to know people on a more personal level, and note details about their families, friends, pets – or any important information about their passions or hobbies. When someone gets special attention before she/he books, it will be assumed that you also provide great service after the sale.

Show That You Care

When you come across articles related to a client’s interests in a magazine, newspaper or on a website, clip the article or print it out. Mail it along with a handwritten envelope and note within a greeting card saying “Thought you might be interested in this.” Do NOT include any promotional materials except your business card. You might also consider using a service like Send Out Cards to help automate the process.

Keep in Touch

Call your past clients on their birthdays, anniversaries and during the Winter holidays. Even if you just reach their voice mail, leave a message such as, “I know today is your first anniversary and you are probably out celebrating, but I just wanted to call and congratulate you!”  These messages are seldom returned, but always remembered – and appreciated.

As you can see, creating a great initial and lasting impression doesn’t require you to do anything wild or extravagant; however, the big payoff for your efforts are a long list of happy clients who will speak well of you, book your services again, and refer you to others.

If you consistently provide excellent entertainment and customer service – and you stay in touch with past clients through thoughtful gestures, your DJ business will reap the rewards of having a good reputation and being profitable. And that’s a BIG “WOW” for you!

What do you do that’s unique to create the “WOW” factor in your client relationships?

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