What Does Your Brand Stand For?

By Stacy Zemon

Ask yourself, what does your mobile entertainment company’s brand stand for? Try to answer the question in one sentence without using any product or service descriptions.

Legendary entrepreneur Richard Branson was once asked, “What does Virgin stand for?” He could have answered “a great music store” or “a great airline,” but instead he answered with one word – “fun.”

By focusing on fun from his earliest days as an entrepreneur, Branson’s vision allowed him the flexibility to move beyond a single product. Today the Virgin empire spans some 360 companies. Branson instinctively knew how to differentiate his brand. Branson was able to adapt, change, and take advantage of new opportunities because he sold an experience.

Sell an Experience

When former Cold Stone Creamery CEO Doug Ducey set a goal to grow the then-fledgling brand from 74 stores to 1,000, he told franchise owners that the world would know the brand as “the ultimate ice cream experience.”

If you’ve been to a Cold Stone, you may have seen the experience it provides – clerks who sing for tips. If the brand had simply stood for “great ice cream,” its founders may have never been open to the shtick that sets Cold Stone apart from thousands of other ice cream shops across the U.S.

The greatest entrepreneurs don’t sell their services or products like a commodity; they sell an experience like fun, happiness, or peace-of-mind. What experience does your DJ service offer?  Think hard about what your brand really stands for, your USP (unique selling point), and your value proposition.

Creativity = Profits

In today’s marketplace, competition is fierce. Many DJ companies offer similar services for similar pricing, which is why you need an immediate edge over the competition. Your marketing materials, website, vLogs, testimonials and performance are the perfect ways to set your company apart.

So break the mold and get creative.  When it comes to selling your services, a little creativity and professionalism go a long way to positively impacting your company’s bottom line.