10 Effective Ways to Market Your Mobile DJ Business


By Stacy Zemon

Successfully marketing your mobile entertainment company means utilizing a variety of methods that can work together synergistically. As your combined efforts create greater brand awareness of your company, your efforts will start paying off even more. Whether you are a newcomer to the business or a long-time veteran, here are some activities that can help fill your booking calendar:

1) Target Your Niche Market

It’s less expensive to target your advertising dollars toward a specific niche market than trying to be a DJ generalist. If you’re a wedding DJ, this is your niche market. If you’re a school dance DJ, this is your nice market, etc.

2) Website

Having a visually appealing website with easy navigation and powerful content is essential in today’s marketplace. Make sure your site appeals to your niche market and works just as well when viewed on a phone, tablet or computer.

3) Business Cards

This one may seem like a “no-brainer,” but not every DJ carries business cards at all times. After all, you never know when you’ll need one to hand to a potential client. Make sure your business cards are good quality and contain all of your contact information as well as your web address.

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4) Advertise on Facebook

If you use a powerful “call to action” and use geographic and demographic targeting, Facebook can be a very affordable way of reaching potential clients online.

5) Wedding Expos

These offer great ways to meet lots of potential wedding clients; however, there will likely be other DJs there so you must stand out from them. Try to negotiate being the MC of stage events, be sure your booth looks spectacular, have a limited-time discount offer for brides, and most importantly – follow up leads up to 7 (yes 7) times to obtain bookings.

6) Vehicle Sign

Having a sign on your vehicle with your company name and telephone number will advertise your DJ service everywhere you go.

7) Google AdWords

Want to ensure your website is found by everyone in your area searching Google for the services you offer? This is the sure-fire way to do it, and it may cost less than you think.

8) Bridal Magazines

Advertising in bridal magazines is expensive but it can be a good investment if, for example, you provide services in a large geographic area that the publication reaches. Be sure to have your ad professional designed and written, and measure the publication’s ROI so you know if you have made at least double the amount you spent on your ad.

9) Free PDF Download on Your Website

IF you have the ability to write a short booklet of interest to your prospects, this can establish you as an expert in your niche market. It will also serve to build your email list.

10) Monthly e-Newsletter

An excellent way to create top-of-mind awareness among your past clients is to send out a monthly e-Newsletter. Include information of interest to your nice audience, any media attention you have received, keep the sales copy to a minimum, and offer gift cards for referrals that lead to bookings.


  • Stacy Zemon is the Founder, Former Publisher and Former Chief Scribe of ProMobileDJ.com. She is a veteran DJ Entertainer who is widely considered an authority on the DJ business, and has become a distinguished industry leader over the course of her illustrious 30+ year career. Stacy’s mission is to provide educational resources for DJs that support their professional growth and financial prosperity. She is a longtime writer for DJ Times magazine, and author of the world’s best-selling DJ books: The Mobile DJ Handbook, The DJ Sales & Marketing Handbook and The Mobile DJ MBA. Stacy is a self-described serial entrepreneur (Equal parts creativity and business). From her efforts, she has spawned more professional disc jockey business owners than any other person in the mobile DJ industry!

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