A Contribution We DJs Make to Others

Contribution display

By Julie Oshins, “Play It Forward”

“We Make a Living by What We Get . . . We Make a Life by What We Give.” – Winston Churchill

I am in a year-long weekend course about contribution for which I had to bring in a “contribution display” (Pictured above). This naturally got me thinking about the contribution I make in my community and in the world.

For me, contribution is about giving, being generous, and making a difference for others. I do this as a DJ. It’s my favorite form of self-expression and what I’m passionate about.

Even those of us who LOVE what we do can get caught up in how much work an event can sometimes be . . . and it can feel like a J.O.B. And, maybe you think being a DJ is not that big a deal? So, I am here to remind you of the power of music, and the contribution you are and make to others when providing this gift to them.

Music and society have always been intimately related. Music reflects and creates social conditions, including the factors that either facilitate or impede social change.

As part of my contribution display, I gave people an opportunity to say how music inspires or contributes to them. Here are some examples of what they said. I invite you to imagine they are speaking to you, about you, and the service that you provide.

“DJs have the power to really create the ambience of an event. They can cause dancing, laughter, feeling creative, relating to others. I have been completely transported by a good DJ. A DJ creates that space for true connection to take place, a place for people to let go, be carefree, have fun and connect even if they don’t know each other that well!”

“The music you provide makes it possible for people to have fun and connect with others – with the potential to create life-altering relationships that put their lives on enriching paths that they never would have imagined! I’d say that’s an indispensable contribution to the fabric of society!”

“Music that resonates with me moves my soul. I can get in a meditative state letting my body and the world just BE. Music can awaken us, bring us love and gratitude, heartbreak, hurt, community and togetherness. Music frees something in me as a human being and connects me to people in that moment. There is full connection with humanity and even beyond.”

So, I want to acknowledge you, yes YOU, professional DJ, wherever you are in the world. Thank you for being the one to bring people together, to create community through music, to help people feel alive and awake and connected to their bodies and to each other. Thank you for creating the space where people dance with whatever they are dealing with in life, take a twirl, and be celebrated!


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