The Benefits of Offering Financing To Wedding Clients


By Patrick Milligan, Guest Writer

Picture this: You’re at the end of a meeting with potential wedding clients that’s gone really well. Then you quote your price for everything they want. Your prospects have the look of sticker shock in their eyes and tell you “That’s more than we can afford within our budget,” or “What options can be taken out to bring the price down?”

Financing AvailableWhat do you say to them? A great response might be that your company offers 0% financing! Offering in-house financing as an option for your wedding clients allows them to split their purchase into monthly payments. Viola! Now they can afford everything they want!

Getting married is one of the happiest moments of a couple’s life. However, as we know, it can be a very stressful time for them as well. Many times this is due to financial strain. By offering clients the option to finance the entertainment for their wedding, it helps to take some pressure off of the couple and it benefits your business as well.

With my company, I often find that I am able to book my services at a higher rate. I also find that clients are more willing to purchase add-ons. We have noticed a dramatic increase in our sales since we started offering this financing option. We have also noticed that it attracts clients to our business and gives us an advantage over our competitors.

Offering financing to wedding clients is a win-win situation. In addition to providing excellent service, this is one more way to create satisfied clients, which often leads to referrals and more business. In the end, everyone is happy and that’s what we as DJs should all strive for!


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