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What DJs Can Learn from Car Sales People

By Gregg Hollmann, "Party Professional" I recently purchased a new Sports Utility Vehicle. In this article, I share some of the specific sales techniques used...

Using Music Playlists To Grow Your DJ Business

By Gregg Hollmann, "Party Professional" As DJs, we regularly compile playlists in preparation for parties. Have you ever thought to publish these playlists on your...

Market Your DJ Services Using Online Mixes and Mix CDs

By Gregg Hollmann, "Party Professional"- Let’s face it - the mobile DJ industry is saturated. One marketing technique to stand out in a crowded field...

Why Minimizing Distractions is Good for Your DJ Business

By Gregg Hollmann, "Party Professional" Isn’t it ironic that in today’s technologically advanced world that we seem to have less free time than ever?...

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