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By Gregg Hollmann, “Party Professional”

Ever dreamed of publishing your own daily online newspaper? Using a free application called, now you can! The essence of the program is that you as the publisher select parameters for content, and then the program combs through millions of social media accounts and newsfeeds, compiling the best stories into your customized format. The publishing of the newspaper is automated, and if you wish, a tweet or Facebook post can automatically be made with the link to your paper! Importantly, the service gives the publisher the ability to add any custom news story to the newspaper. It also provides the flexibility to make any story a feature article, or to delete an article that is deemed inappropriate. The free version of is powerful and works great. There is also a “Pro” version of that costs $99 per year and provides additional customization options and branding opportunities.

Why Should DJs Publish a

  1. It’s easy, automated and free, creating a beautiful online newspaper that can be shared with your clients and business associates. The is multi-media, including stories, photographs and videos. Your newspaper can be updated daily, twice daily, weekly or at your custom increment;

  2. For those who love to read and learn, a is a brilliant way to curate content that is relevant to you, and exclude that which is not. Multiple free editions can be created to reflect your various business and personal interests. For example, one could publish one for their mobile DJ business, one for their interest in health & fitness, and one related to international travel;

  3. A is an efficient way to identify interesting content to share on your social media sites. For example, your daily might identify a new viral wedding video, celebrity wedding, or hot musical trend that you could then share with your social media followers. Or you could use an inspiring story as a springboard to write your own blog article.

  4. A is a great way to strengthen relationships with networking partners. For example, a could be created to feature your favorite wedding planners, banquet halls, photographers, florists, etc. This allows you to keep informed of their content and business activities. When these partners are included as headline stories in your, they are automatically tagged on Twitter. Expect networking partners to be delighted by you reading and sharing their content!

  5. An ancillary benefit of publishing a newspaper is that you can connect with like-minded individuals. For example, your paper might pick up a story about a topic written by a blogger with similar interests to your own. Now you can connect with them on Twitter and Facebook and strike up an online relationship. An online relationship might later be upgraded to a meeting over coffee, and later, to doing real business together! Yes, I currently do business with individuals who I met on Twitter in this fashion.

How to Get Started

Visit and click on “Start Now For Free.” The process should only take you 15-30 minutes, and voila, you are now on your way to becoming a media mogul! To illustrate how easy it is, in just 15 minutes I created a “ProMobileDJ” weekly newspaper that features the content of staff writers like myself, Stacy Zemon, Tony Schwartz, Doug Sandler, Ben Stowe, Jerry Bazata, Julie Oshins and Alan Dodson. To pull additional content, I added the hashtags #WeddingDJ #MobileDJ #DJEducation and #Weddings. To view this ProMobileDJ, see the link If you enjoy the product, feel free to subscribe in the box on the right hand side to receive future weekly updates.

Happy publishing!

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