Five Ideas for Better Lead Management

Lead ManagementBy Laura Cave – “The Knot Knows”

Today’s brides and grooms are reaching out to their dream DJs (and all their vendors) virtually around the clock — and now, more than ever, their tablet computers and smart phones are playing a part in how they learn about you. A few small things can help you get back to brides faster and ultimately win more new business!

  • Go mobile! Sure, everyone wants leads, and attracting them is key. According to The Knot 2012 Real Wedding survey, 85% of today’s brides own a smart phone, and many of them look up vendor info or click through vendor emails on it. Set yourself up to get more leads by making sure your site is optimized for mobile users, which makes it easier for brides to navigate your site on their phone. Pay special attention to making your contact information easy to find.
  • Be prepared to respond after hours. Brides with typical 9-to-5 jobs are either emailing you from work or waiting until the weekends and evenings to do the bulk of their planning. Be as quick with your weekend and evening responses as you would any other day and you’ll get a head start on anyone who waits until business hours to reply.
  • Start with a standard response—but personalize it. Form emails are great for being quick, but they aren’t personal! Add a little color to your standard email response, to show your lead that you’re being attentive to his or her specific needs.
  • Use all the resources you can to stay organized! Use a lead management tool if you don’t’ have one in place already. Our customers can use the inbox in My Account to organize client inquiries by “responded” or “booked”. Free tools like Evernote and Wunderlist can help you manage your projects and to-do lists—plus, they sync with your phone!
  • Make your calendar accessible anytime, anywhere. You never know when a bride will get in touch asking if you’re available on her date. Make sure your calendar is accessible from your phone, and make sure it’s shared with anyone else who may be responding to leads so that you don’t accidentally double book!

Want more ideas? Check out our recent webinar on Lead Management Tips for more!

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