Great Communication = More Referrals

One key difference between highly successful mobile DJs and those who are griping about not getting enough quality work really comes down to communication. Having quality marketing materials, a fancy website, and even killer DJ and Public Speaking skills, really means nothing if you have poor communication skills.

In a time and day when almost everything is at your fingertips and on demand: think Amazon, Youtube, Netflix. Also, everything is made your way and quick: think Burger King, McDonald’s. We talk with our friends and family via text message. All have one common thread: Instant Gratification, Instant Answers, Instant Solutions. Waiting for 3 – 10 days or even longer to respond to a vendor or client is unacceptable. Correspondence with other vendors should take president over almost any other communication.

WAIT, WHAT? Did he really just say I should respond to other vendors who do not make me any money, possibly wanting something from me over a client paying me? Yes. If another vendor emails you today and you are swamped with projects. Respond immediately, let them know you received the email, text, or phone call and let them know you will look into whatever it is they are messaging you about. Not only should you say that you should say when you will have a solution for them.

Something you should also be doing for your clients as well if you are not doing so already. Setting expectations with both your clients and fellow vendors, and delivering when you say you will make you the safest bet. Why? Here is the insider secret I probably shouldn’t share. If another vendor is reaching out to you. More than likely you are going to be working with them soon. Possibly they are working with your client and they need an answer. Vendors will and do take note.

If you are slow to respond, they will assume you are slow to respond to your own clients. (It is a likely and safe assumption on their part) If you were to walk into the Lights Out Entertainment office you would find a wall of business cards of other amazing vendors. All of those vendors have earned their spot one way or another on our vendor wall. Besides being amazing at what they do, they are quick to respond to clients and vendors. If they are not quick to respond to emails, phone calls, or text… they get removed… Why would I be harsh like this? Well simple, in the instant everything, if I refer you… and our client says you are slow to respond, hard to get a hold of. That vendor is not addressing the clients needs and adding to their stress.

Slow to respond vendors simply take away from my referral power and creditably as an expert. Bottom line if you are a Dj who makes someone who referred you look bad, you will only have that opportunity once.


  • I was fortunate and made a career out of one of my passions early on in life. I started djing when I was 19 yrs old. Over time and a lot of hard lessons, a little luck, interesting life experiences, and continued life long education I have become what I am today. I strive to learn something new every day, it is my hopes you will do the same.

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