Merging Online and Offline Networking

by Stacy Zemon – Publisher & Chief Scribe

Today, there are two worlds that are learning how to blend, balance and work together: online/web-based and offline/in person.

In the past few years, so much emphasis and shifting has gone to the Web/online world because that is where the growth and movement trends are; however, we DJs can never forget how important and powerful people getting together for face-to-face interaction can be. Nor can we allow sending e-mails or texts to replace that interaction.

Blending your online and offline activities is important because today, people are communicating and engaging equally in both places. The online and offline worlds are interdependent and interrelated.

“Let’s Get Together, Soon!”

If I meet you online and strike up an online relationship that has value and interest to me, then taking it offline is going to enhance that relationship and help it progress. If we meet in person, then staying connected online is going to enhance our relationship and help it progress until we meet in person again.

Here are a few key reasons why face-to-face networking is so important:

  1. The power of personally connecting and human interaction accelerates relationship building. In 10 minutes I can learn more about someone, and they about me, in person than in six months online!
  2. Finding common ground comes from having a conversation or discussion on the phone or in person. The energy that passes between people finding out that they have a hobby, favorite book, peer or life experience in common can be profound.
  3. Making decisions on what the next step is and putting the plan in motion can happen in one minute on the phone or in person, as opposed to multiple e-mails.

If you haven’t been out and about enough, set some goals this year to reconnect in person in your community. Go where you already have commonality and know people. It’s a much easier and faster way to get connected, get personal and make some new friends, connections, and dare I say…clients!

How do you choose the networking events you attend?