Offering Your Best To Others

By Ray Martinez – “Unbridled Inspiration”

In the Old Testament it was written to honor the Lord with the first fruits of our increase. In other words tithe 10% to the church as a thank you for the work provided.

Another definition of tithing is an offering or a gift. There are those who may not be religious, or necessarily have the same beliefs, but respectfully, you don’t have to be a religious fanatic to offer yourself, or business to someone less fortunate or to make a difference in your community.

It is a basic law of human nature to give rather than to expect to always receive. Philanthropy is a necessity of life as it makes the world a better place. I am not here to get into a politically correct battle with anyone, but rather to share an observation. For example, when the massive tsunami struck Japan or the big earthquakes rocked Haiti or even on 9/11, the United States has proven time and again, that we as a nation can pull together for the good of all humanity.

Blessings That Go Both Ways

The people who are on the receiving end get a tremendous blessing from the outpouring of love and relief during their times of trial. But the great reward for those who give are blessed ten times more, by seeing the joy on those who have received.

Case in point, I remember back several years ago, I had the honor to serve those who were affected by Hurricane Katrina in Houston, Texas. I remember being in a hotel giving out clothing to the victims, and two days later, 40 miles away at the Houston Astrodome, I was volunteering handing out bottled water. A gentleman approached me, with tears in his eyes, almost in disbelief. I will never forget his face, nor what he said to me. He said, “You must be my guardian angel, because two days ago you gave me clothing, and here today you are giving me water to quench my thirst.”

What were the chances of meeting the same man from New Orleans, two days and forty miles apart? To this day, I will always carry that blessing in my heart. But the real blessing was a cardboard sign I saw hanging in the Astrodome and it read, “If You’ve Lost Hope, You’ve Lost Everything.”

To Give is to Receive

I share this story to hopefully encourage you, that you don’t have to be religious to tithe. You can tithe or offer 10% of your overall blessings to your community or charity of your choice or even volunteer at a hospital or nursing home. 10% is nothing, so long as you give 100% of your free will and your heart, that 10% will be returned back to you in ways you cannot put a price tag on.

If I were to ask you who was the Super Bowl Champion 3-4 years ago, or last year’s Miss Universe, or Nobel Prize Winner, you may not be able to provide the answer to those questions. But if you someone asked you the name of someone who made a difference in your life, like maybe your old boss, fellow co-worker, neighbor, or school teacher, you would remember them.

You may possibly forget their name, but you won’t forget how that person made you feel when you needed to be lifted up just at the right time. So get out there, and make a difference, offer your time, give advice to a competitor, volunteer, you’ll be happy you did.

Do you have an experience that relates to this article? If so, let me know!

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