Social Media Marketing for DJs

By Tony Schwartz, Guest Writer

I’ve never really followed the marketing strategies of other mobile DJs. Why? Because for a performance art that encourages creativity, most DJs market the exact same way: by doing the same thing as every other DJ.

Take websites, for example. Designs are similar, text is similar, photos are similar. Look at DJ advertisements in a magazine or online resource guide and you’ll see three distinct images: the first dance, random dancing photo, or a DJ-in-action shot.

And yes, I’ve been guilty of doing the same, too.

But then came social media platforms, which has revolutionized marketing and made content king. If you haven’t already, you MUST start generating content and media, as this is what will differentiate you from your competition, as well as build tremendous value in the eyes of your customer. The more value the customer perceives, the more likely they book you at a premium price.

The problem many mobile DJs face is how to effectively use these platforms and put out quality content with profitable returns. Here’s the secret: tell your story while respecting the audience of each platform. Offer content your audience can feel, and they’ll share it to others. That’s a powerful endorsement.

Here are some of the strategies I have been using, as well as will be trying in the future.


Yes, blogs are great for SEO. But your article about wedding emergency preparedness is worthless and a waste of time. You’re a DJ, so write about music, recent performances, and what is going on in your life, both personally and professionally. A great blog creates a connection with the individuals you actually want to work with.

Facebook Fan Pages

If you master only one platform on this list, Facebook is the one. Think of your Fan Page as a supercharged blog that allows you to connect with your followers, as well as use tag clients, venues, and vendors to moments. By tagging, you give the opportunity for them to share to their family and friends. And Facebook Ads is money: target your ideal client through audience filtering and avoid the eyes price shoppers and time-burners.


It’s time to re-think Twitter, y’all. Many see it is as a “Swamp of Promotion”. I see Twitter as the greatest virtual networking tool ever created. Treat it as an ongoing, always-open cocktail party and start conversations, not advertisements, with other vendors. You never know what opportunities this could lead to.


I use Instagram to share both professional and personal micro-stories with my clients, past and present. It’s also great for keeping in touch – so don’t forget to engage!


Brides love Pinterest. I’m still relatively new to Pinterest, but it’s definitely a platform I will be spending more time on. Photos of add-ons such as uplighting and photo booths, as well as genre-specific playlists and entertainment tips – all with SEO-friendly keywords in the notes box – will be my focus going forth. And don’t forget to tag the photo to the venue, as the bride will be searching her venue for ideas.


When it comes to content, customers would rather watch than read. Giglogs are great for showcasing your events, but three important things: keep them short and to the point, make sure they are in high-definition, and most of all, hire someone to film your events. Also, don’t feel limited to just giglogs; try vlogging your blog entries and offer a second way for your audience to consume your content.


Live streaming apps are relatively new, but they offer so much potential! Stream live moments from your weddings to potential customers (get client permission first!). Or, host a live Q&A with other vendors and/or engaged couples. Practice mixes often? Live stream your practice sessions and find other interesting ways to take people behind-the-scenes!

I hope this helps. Remember, social media is an ongoing experiment. If you are not seeing the results you would like, try something else. Find what works for you, offer helpful and interesting content to your audience, and tell your unique story!

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