Two Important Marketing and Sales Ingredients

Marketing and Sales

By Rick Brewer, “Get More Brides”

Most of us do not have degrees in marketing or sales (I actually went to school for marketing but let me assure you they don’t teach what we DJs need to know). Too many mobile entertainers create their marketing on the fly and conduct their sales with no planning. Because of this, the results are usually less than great.

I constantly see two vital ingredients that are missing from 90+% of the marketing and sales done in our community. They are:

Testimonials – Positive reviews about you and your DJ service.

Measuring – Measures for your advertising and marketing that can show you what works and what does not work (This involves more than asking “How’d you hear about us?”)


Testimonials are far, far more impactful than self-promotion. Use the best five positive reviews/testimonials you have on your website (Use a different testimonial on every page, preferably towards the top). Also, use them in your brochures and business cards.

If you don’t have any, ask your past clients for them. If you are new to the DJ business, ask for testimonials within a day or two after events.


Measuring your marketing and advertising allows you to manage campaigns and to know exactly how much “bang for the buck” you’re getting for what you spend. By measuring various stages of customer engagement, you can then start the process of improvement.

I suggest you start by measuring these three items:

1) Campaigns you’re running or actions you’ve taken that make your phone ring or email ding. If someone is reaching out to you, what you’re doing is working, so keep doing it.

2) How many inquiries you convert into appointments.

3) How many prospects sign contracts during and after having appointments with you.

If you measure these three items effectively, you will be able to track your results and determine what is lacking in your process. Only by knowing this can you make the necessary changes.

For example, if your phone isn’t ringing, your marketing and advertising aren’t working. If you receive phone calls or email inquiries but don’t convert most of them into appointments, you need to focus on your phone sales skills. If you are scheduling appointments but aren’t converting a high percentage of prospects into clients, you need to fix your sales presentation.

Neither testimonials or measuring are meant to be magic pills, but both will help and assist you with engaging more potential clients, which can lead to increased bookings and more money in your pocket.



  • Rick Brewer is a wedding business expert who has been marketing and selling weddings and events for almost 24 years. He has worked one-on-one with almost 850 wedding businesses, and helped them achieve the next level in their success. Rick is in the unique position of working with all different types of wedding businesses, as well as those who market to wedding businesses.

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