Video Blog Revolution

by Jason Jani

In my September post, I broke down the definition of a video blog (vLog), why they are important to your brand, and some key components on what a vLog should include.

This summer I had the opportunity of presenting a seminar entitled “The Brand of You” at the DJ Times Expo in Atlantic City. One of the components of my presentation referenced the use of Video Blogs, the Who-What-Why-Where and How to do them.

Since the expo, I have learned about several companies making the effort of producing their own vLogs, which is awesome. Shout outs to Jeffrey Balkin (NJ), Mike Walter (NJ), Steve Moody (MD), Kevin Nichols (GA), Chris Atwood (NJ), Arnoldo Offermann (FL), Bob Carpenter (RI), Jodi Harris (LV), Dominic Sesito (NJ) and Greg Young (ME) for all doing a great job on producing their own styled video logs.

If you haven’t yet dived into the video blog waters, I think there are a few points that need to be understood before you even think about producing vLogs of your clients private events.

vLog Newbies

Here are a some tips on producing successful video captures:

  1. Ask permission BEFORE the event. Before recording a client’s private celebration and posting a vLog on the internet for the world to see, you must ask for permission from the couple, the hosts or the guest (s) of honor. If you do not have permission, you should not be recording anything.
  2. Staff the celebration properly. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your presentation by having, for example, your DJ pull double-duty as both the disc jockey and videographer. Bring an extra person to an event who has the sole responsibility of capturing some great footage. Having an extra set of hands, will make it less stressful on you and the investment is totally worth it. Friends, family members or trainees are great ways to cost effectively fill the slot.
  3. Be mindful of other professionals and guests. There are likely to be a photographer, other videographer or cinematographer who also want to capture the highlights of the celebration. Whether it’s another professional or an event guest, it is extremely important that your team stays out of their shots so as not to compromise the creativity or integrity of their work.
  4. Capture the highlights. If you are doing something unique for the celebration, definitely plan to capture it. Make a shot list with your videographer prior to an event. The more vLogs you produce, the better you will notice what type of footage works best from a production value standpoint.
  5. Make it yours. I have my own personal style for my vLogs and you should too. My loose format starts with an event introduction, some venue features, highlight footage and ends with a candid testimonial (all under 5 minutes). If you are looking for inspiration, just look to Facebook, and you will see many examples of some great vLogs from industry professionals.
  6. Keep your brand in mind. Everyone has their own brand. Video Blogs should compliment your talent, and be consistent with your business practices and service offerings. Once released on the internet, your work can be viewed 24/7 worldwide — so make sure you are showing what you want people to see and make comments about.

Video blogs are a great way to extend your brand and keep the buzz going about your services. If you take the time and care to implement the tips I’ve suggested, the start-up process will go a lot more smoothly for you.

If you have any vLog questions, you can post them in the comments section right here, and I’ll be glad to answer them!

Jason Jani – “The Brand of You”

Jason Jani is a multi-faceted artist, innovator, producer, remixer, entrepreneur and professional DJ. His company, Sound Connection Entertainment, provides customized planning and entertainment production services including enhanced lighting, video services, decor, photo booth rentals as well as live musicians and performers. Jason has presented seminars to his peers at DJ trade shows and association meetings. He was a featured “Mobile DJ of the Month” in DJ Times magazine, and works with Promo Only to help mold what is played on the radio and in nightclubs. Jason has been invited to DJ for celebrity clients such as Janet Jackson, LL Cool J, Akon, TI, and others. To contact Jason, email or visit

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