3 Big Ways to Make a Mini Marketing Campaign

by Stacy Zemon

Hey DJs! Go big or go home? Forget that. These strategies for increasing your brand influence take hardly any time, and very little money.

Here are some ideas of things you can do to run a smart—and influential—mini marketing campaign that might even change the way you reach your clients in the future.

1. Experiment with new target audiences.

Turn to social media for a campaign. Monitor it throughout the run and identify key questions and conversations to explore further. Survey the audience, conduct small, targeted promotions, or post engaging messages to see what they have to say. More often than not, you’ll learn something new that you weren’t considering for an upcoming launch or get added validation for a new idea or direction.

2. Sponsor conversations.

People today love to talk and express their opinions. Blogs, chat rooms, comment sections are filled with loads of people expressing themselves. This, if you play your cards right, can be a great opportunity for your product or brand. Why not offer up topics for people to discuss? And make them topics that relate to your marketing efforts. Use Facebook or blog comments to start a relevant conversation where, at some point, your product can play a role. Be careful, however, not to appear to be ‘selling.’ Generate a conversation that is authentic to the topic, and that your brand can become a part of as opposed to a conversation that is about your product. People will happily talk about things that are interesting to them, and brands are not interesting. So make your brand a byproduct of the conversation, not the topic itself.

3. Revisit old leads.

Recontact past leads whom you’ve spoken to, that have for whatever reason, in a friendly way, turned you down in the past. If people have called you to inquire about your DJ services but have not booked with you, it’s always good to call those people back and re-pitch them (time line permitting). They’ve already expressed interest in you, they may or may not have been in research mode when you spoke. It’s a fruitful, no-cost list that doesn’t cost any money, and you don’t even need a high success rate to make it well worth your while.

Stacy Zemon – Publisher and Chief Scribe

Stacy Zemon is internationally considered a leading authority and leader in the DJ industry. She has reached an audience of millions as a Radio, Club, Karaoke and Mobile Disc Jockey.

Stacy’s work as a Writer, Author and Publisher have enabled her to spawn the largest number of DJ business owners in the world!

She is author of the world’s best-selling DJ books: The Mobile DJ Handbook, The DJ Sales & Marketing Handbook and The Mobile DJ MBA, and was a longtime writer for DJ Times magazine.

Stacy is also the Founder & President of DJ Video Network – Internet TV for DJs, by DJs.

Her mission is to provide educational resources for DJs that support their professional growth and financial prosperity.

Write to her c/o Stacy@ProMobileDJ.com or call 877-442-7170.

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