Are You a Good Manager or a Control Freak?

by Stacy Zemon

Many DJs treat their business like their own child, and they definitely should. Today’s competitive marketplace demands that you give your operation constant attention, nurturing and supervision.

For those who have made the leap from solo-op to multi-op, it is important as a leader that you relinquish some control over the business to your staff. The truth be told, however, many mobile managers never reach that level of trust, which can hinder them immensely. Here are a few scenarios that illustrate what I mean.

Meet Mr. DJ Control Freak

He watches over his employees shoulders, refuses to leave the office before anyone else, meddles in others’ work, and is just plain overbearing. Giving up the reigns is a difficult task, especially when you’re the boss. Unfortunately, you can’t do everything. Repeat – you cannot do everything!

Your business will only be successful if you learn to trust others and create a system with your employees to delegate work fairly and appropriately. When people are trusted, they feel empowered and important. This encourages them to work hard and excel.

Let the Baby Grow

Yes, your business is like your baby, so naturally you want it to grow up strong and healthy. A baby needs stimulation from a variety of sources, which is why you need to learn to delegate to your staff. If you don’t, you will lose productivity, money and respect. If trained properly, your employees can do the work just like you want them to do it.

Give Everyone a Break and Take a Vacation

Owning a small business is very stressful. Keeping track of finances, profits, your employees and basically everything, falls on the shoulders of the owner. If you plan ahead, and train and trust your staff, taking a vacation should not be a problem. Spending time away from the business is not only important for keeping your personal life in check, but also to give your business room to function without you.

Back Down and Let Go, Bucko

If you put too much on your “plate” and choose not to back down on delegating, then you will likely find yourself overworked, miserable, stressed, curt, anxious, etc. Behind your back, your staff will probably label you as a control freak. Take control of your business by releasing control. Also, avoid the urge to micromanage.

A true leader in an organization is a boss that employees look up to, respect and look to for guidance as a role model. Being too much of a leader and too obsessive will get you no where fast. If you have a challenge in this regard, realize it, make a decision to change, do it, remember to breathe, and then start planning a vacation. Your staff and significant other will thank you!

Have you overcome this challenge? If so, what were your keys to success?