Multi-System Operator DJ Compensation

by Stacy Zemon

Are you wondering how to properly compensate your employees or sub-contractors for the services that they provide? Here’s my opinion on this controversial subject!

There are several variables that play into the equation.  Your goal should be to attract and retain talented people who find it more worthwhile to stay with your company than venture out on their own.

Supplies DJ Services Only

$15 hr. – Assistant DJ  Entertainer – 3 to 9 months

$20 hr. –  Junior DJ Entertainer – 6 months to 1 year

$25 hr. – DJ Entertainer – 2 to 5 years

$30 hr. – Senior DJ Entertainer – 3 to 10 years

$40 hr. – Master DJ Entertainer – 10+ years

Supplies Music

$10 hr. additional

Supplies Sound Gear

$25 hr. additional

$35 hr. additional if includes equipment transport, set-up & breakdown

Supplies Basic Lighting Equipment

$15 hr. additional

$25 hr. additional if includes equipment transport, set-up & breakdown

On-call for Company

$10 hr.

Supplies Personal Transportation Only to Event

Current IRS mileage reimbursement schedule


Compensated according to hourly rate for entertainment services only


100% offered by Client

Scores 90%+ “Excellent” on Client Satisfaction Surveys

$25 bonus

Personally Requested by Client

$25 bonus

Booked Event for Company

$50 bonus

Do you handle this in a different manner?  Let us know!

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