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Wedding Wire Wisdom

by Stacy Zemon The Knot is not the only place brides go anymore to investigate wedding vendors. Just in case you haven't heard, WeddingWire...

Donny & Marie's Mic of Choice

by Stacy Zemon Last year at the Mobile Beat Show in Las Vegas, I had the chance to catch Donny and Marie Osmond’s headlining...

Going Ape over Guerrilla Marketing

by Stacy Zemon (Excerpt from The Mobile DJ MBA) DJ King Kong from New York felt like he was on top of the world as he...

How to Determine Your Target Market

by Stacy Zemon When running a mobile DJ business in a highly competitive area, if you're trying to be all things to...

Shure Super 55 Microphone

Review by Stacy Zemon Sometimes a classic just gets better. After more than 70 years in production, Shure’s Unidyne 55 Series has to...

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