Diversify for Greater Profits

If you are looking to add to your bottom-line then it may be a good idea to think about skills, products and services that will allow you to bring ancillary income into your DJ service.

Have you ever thought about becoming a hypnotist or magician? How about tapping into a new market like retirements homes or auto dealerships? Why not add a game like Campardy™ or Game Show Mania™ to your offerings? When you see a company using a service that you offer and that is of poor quality, do you contact them for an opportunity to demonstrate how your quality is superior?

The most innovative mobiles “think outside the box” by providing their target market(s) a buffet of desirable offerings that make them stand apart from their competition.

When hiring a sub-contractor (e.g., Caricaturist, Fortune Teller), you should receive an approximate 15% discount for booking his/her services. Your client pays you the full amount and you pay the contractor. It’s like earning a commission or making a mark-up. You can also lease products that you do not own until the demand for them makes it financially worthwhile for you to bring them in-house for greater profit.

Here are some ideas to get you started down the road to greater riches:



  • Big screen video
  • Carnival Games
  • Chocolate Fountains
  • Enhanced Light Shows & Uplighting
  • Glow Products
  • Karaoke
  • Party Props
  • Photos & Photobooths
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Streamer launchers


  • Air Brush T-Shirt Painters
  • Candy Makers
  • Caricaturists
  • Celebrity Impersonators
  • Clowns
  • Comedians
  • Dancers
  • Fortune Tellers
  • Hypnotists

With a little bit of creativity, courage and forethought, we all have the ability to be unique and original with our entertainment offerings. Creating a niche or filling a void in the marketplace is a great place for a savvy DJ to begin.

Do you have a suggestion that is not on the list?  If so, please share it!