GMC 100 Multi-functional Mobile Music & Amplifier System

Product review by DJ Alan Dodson

For the professional mobile DJ who is looking for a dependable portable music and amplifier system, the GMC100 by Happie Amp is an excellent choice. This system is powered by either AC power, 110/220 VAC, an external 12VDC source, or it’s long-life internal rechargeable DC power supply. This makes it very versatile to be used as a ceremony sound system or portable PA amplifier.

The unit comes standard with two wireless microphone systems; one is a hand-held and the other a headset/belt pack unit (both on VHF frequencies). The belt pack has a 1/8 inch mini plug input, so additional audio sources can be transmitted to the receiver system. Both microphones can be utilized at the same time with separate volume controls for each. Receiving antennas mount on BNC connectors on the main unit body. There are two additional 1/4 inch microphone inputs and a stereo auxiliary input utilizing RCA plugs. Separate treble, bass and echo controls for effect and sound control are provided.

The GMC100 has a integrated MP3 player that utilizes either an SD Card or USB jump drive. Music can be selected from the unit control panel on the back or by utilizing the infrared remote control, which can also control volume and source selection. Music is selected by track number and can be set automatically to sequential play or by choosing the track number with the remote control. An additional feature is the built in FM tuner which can receive all normal FM radio stations.

A 1/4 inch plug is also provided for an additional speaker out connection for a remote speaker. There is also a 1/4 inch line out plug for feeding an external amplifier. A voice priority switch controls the music and automatically mutes it when either built-in microphone is utilized.

This Mobile Music & Amplifier System has an expanding handle and wheels for easy transport, a recessed folding carry handle on top and a pole-socket on the bottom for tripod mount. Battery charging status is indicated by multi colored led lights on the control panel.

The unit is rated at 160 Watts RMS 200W Peak and has a 8 inch woofer and 3 inch tweeter. Frequency response from 35 to 20000HZ, THD <1%. The unit weighs only 38 lbs and is 23” tall by 12 3/4 inch wide and 11 3/4 deep. The internal battery will power the unit for up to an impressive 20 hours.

The amplification and sound quality is excellent and can effectively project audio for a group indoors of up to about 300 people. The cabinet is an attractive textured black case with rounded edges and brushed aluminum trim on the front.

This exceptional product is currently priced at only $429.00 and comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Shipping within the continental US is only $29.00 For more information, visit

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