How To Gain Referrals

By Stacy Zemon, Publisher & Chief Scribe

The cheapest form of marketing is word-of-mouth referrals.

A favorable referral is like having someone pre-sell your DJ services, so when someone throws some love your way in this manner, it’s a real blessing. Show how much you value these blessings by taking time every week to make sure that you are actively seeking ways to fill the pipeline!

Here are some ideas on how to turn happy past clients and business partners into loyal ambassadors for your company:

Say “Thank You”

After every event, send a “thank you” card or letter along with a “Client Satisfaction Survey” inside of a postage-paid envelope. Include room for referrals at the bottom of the survey. You can also toss a few business cards and a three-fold brochure if you have one into the envelope Also consider including a coupon for a discount on their next event (or a friends).

Set Up a “Refer-a-Friend” Program

Set up a program that compensates anyone that refers you a new client who books your services. It can a 15% to 25% discount for the party being referred, a dollar amount such as $50, or a gift certificate. You may also choose to compensate both the referring party and the referred party, as well.

Create Power Partnerships

Partner with companies that offer complimentary products to your service. Network with all the photographers, videographers, facility managers and other professionals in your market and offer them a 10% to 15% commission for any referrals that lead to bookings. You can also do a straight referral swap as long as both sides benefit from such a deal.