Publicity/Promotion/Public Relations

A Helpful Tip for Seminar Presenters

By Mike Walter, “Multi-Op Corner” Having just attended the DJ Expo in Atlantic City and having sat through about a dozen seminars, I have an...

Maximizing Local Public Relations Opportunities

By Alan Dodson, "Wedding Wizard" One of the challenges of being a small business, which most DJ companies are, is marketing and advertising. There...

How to Do a Great vLog

Jason Jani shows how to create a video log of your events!

Generating Publicity for Your Company

by Stacy Zemon Have you ever read a story about a company and then contacted them to learn more about their product or service? Publicity in...

Volunteering in Your Community

by Stacy Zemon Encouraging your DJs and other staff members to volunteer can improve morale and attract new business. Getting involved with a non-profit or...

Start a Blog for Your DJ Service

What is It? Blogs (short for weblogs) are frequently updated link-heavy online journals. A blog is like an always-on eNewsletter that provides real-time information...

Promo Items Keep Your Brand Memorable!

Welcome to my little social media experiment. A while ago on Facebook I posted: “I'm curious. What type of logo-imprinted promotional items do you...

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