How NOT to Sell on Price

Sooner or later prospects are going to ask you about your price. Some will ask before they agree to a meeting. Some will ask...

Pricing Competitively

As Mobile Disc Jockeys we have a lot of roles to juggle: Emcee, Event Planner/Coordinator, Music Programmer/Mixer, Audio and Lighting Technician and Roadie. Experienced pros...

Tips to Master the Art of Selling

At its core, selling is the art of persuasion, which is based on relationships. Your success in selling your DJ services is determined by...

Building Your Sales Core Competencies

I hear it all of the time from DJs. “The economy is so bad in my marketplace and my competitors undercut me so...

How to Price Your DJ Services

As professional mobile disc jockeys we are also Emcee's, Interactive Party Hosts, Event Coordinators, Music Programmers and Audio and Lighting Technicians.  What's more, we...

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