Two Important Marketing & Sales Ingredients

By Rick Brewer, “Get More Brides” Most of us do not have degrees in marketing or sales (I actually went to school for marketing but let me assure you they don’t teach what we DJs need to know). Too many…

How To Get More DJ Gigs

DJ Brian S. Redd shares his ideas on this important and popular subject.

Pre-Qualifying Leads Before Meeting With Prospects

DJ Brian S. Redd tells you how to do a better job with this, which will save you time and money.

Is There a Wedding DJ Price MarkUp & Why?

DJ Brian S. Redd gives his response to the Today Show report.

DJ – Why Do You Charge So Much? A Simple Cost Analysis Solution

DJ Brian S. Redd breaks down this subject into simple financial reasoning.

Responding to a Prospect Who Say’s You Charge Too Much!

By Stacy Zemon Recently, I posted the following question on Facebook: “How do you respond when you are speaking with a prospect, and she/he tells you that you charge too much?” DJ responses poured in by the dozens. Their answers…

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