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5 Simple Ways to Get Over That First Crack of the Mic

Man on Microphone

By Anna-Jeannine Herman, “Performance Professional” So many entertainers fear those first few words, those first few moments that can make or break your credibility with a room full of wedding guests.  “Owning the room” from your first words can certainly make a world of difference in the successfulness of your performance. Earlier this month, Graham…

Down the Rabbit Hole: Are Political Debates On Social Media Really “Worth It”?


By Anna-Jeannine K. Herman, Wedding Entertainment Director®, “Performance Professional” Making the choice to weigh in on a controversial issue on social media can be a difficult one as these issues are often tied to our very deeply-held personal beliefs and inner cognitive dissonance. However… what if the real to-debate-or-not-to-debate decision didn’t have anything to do…