What Make 100 Healthy Is All About

By John Murphy, "Make 100 Healthy" The economic impact of improving our country’s health even by 1% represents billions of dollars of savings on our health care systems. We have an obligation to educate ourselves on what it takes to live a full and balanced life through an easy, fun and … Continue reading

Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll

By John Murphy, "Make 100 Healthy" In last month’s column, I spoke about my inspiration to create Make 100 Healthy, which was the loss of so many dear, personal friends. But it’s not just people we know dying prematurely. It’s also our idols and famous people that seem larger than life that … Continue reading

What Make 100 Healthy is All About!

By John Murphy, "Make 100 Healthy" What is my inspiration to write this column? (and forthcoming book). It’s very simple. We lost and continue to lose so many beautiful, great people prematurely. My close friend, my brother from a different mother, and an Icon in the DJ business - Dan The Man … Continue reading