Is There a Wedding DJ Price MarkUp & Why?

DJ Brian S. Redd gives his response to the Today Show report.

DJ – Why Do You Charge So Much? A Simple Cost Analysis Solution

DJ Brian S. Redd breaks down this subject into simple financial reasoning.

Responding to a Prospect Who Say’s You Charge Too Much!

By Stacy Zemon Recently, I posted the following question on Facebook: “How do you respond when you are speaking with a prospect, and she/he tells...

You Are the Unique Advantage

By Alan Dodson, "Wedding Wizard" Someone once said, “To sell successfully, you need to be as aggressive as Donald Trump, as innovative as Albert Einstein,...

Effective Communication with Clients

By Jerry Bazata, "Money Answer Man" DJ business owners are faced with a new and complex challenge in targeting and communicating with new clients. The...

12 Worries All Entrepreneurs Have (or they are lying)

By Doug Sandler, "Nice Guys Finish First" Worry. Does it hold you back or does it motivate you as you build your business, make plans...

Eight Stages to Getting the Booking

By Alan Dodson, “Wedding Wizard” No matter how good you are at the products and services that you provide for your wedding business, you will...

Responding to Prospects is Critical for Your DJ Business

By Gregg Hollmann, "Party Professional" Recently, I’ve booked a series of parties on the basis that I was the only DJ to pick up the...

4 Ways to Get Noticed Starting Right Now

By Doug Sandler, "Nice Guys Finish First" The noise is everywhere, making it more challenging than ever for your message to be heard. With so...

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