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3 Reasons Why a Bride Asks About Wedding DJ Costs


By Rick Brewer – “Get More Brides” There are typically three reasons why a bride will ask a wedding DJ or other wedding professional about their pricing. While this question can be a frustrating thing, let me assure you it is A) not personal, and B) actually a good thing because you have at the…

5 Tips for Financial Success for Small Business Owners


By Jerry Bazata – “The Money Answer Man” Each year thousands of entrepreneurs take a leap of faith, resign from full -time employment, and begin a business with the hopes and dreams of obtaining financial success and independence. With all good intentions, they begin working on a business model, creating a plan for sales and…

How to Prevent Theft or Damage to Your DJ Equipment


By Colin McDonald – Insurance Specialist DJs and entertainers often own significant equipment of great value, which increases the potential for theft. If your equipment is destroyed or stolen, it has to be repaired or replaced.  On top of that, you will be unable to work until the equipment and other materials are replaced. Here…

Top 3 Tips for Generating DJ Business at Wedding/Bridal Shows


By Rick Brewer – “Get More Brides” I get this question from DJs all the time: “Rick, do bridal shows still work?” The answer is easy for me: Sometimes… or maybe. There are many variables as to why a wedding show will or will not work for a DJ, but let me share the top…

DJ Ethics: What Are the Copyright Laws of Purchased Music?


by Stu Chisholm – The Complete Disc Jockey Last November, I discussed some of the ethical challenges that we encounter as DJs. Today I want to address another aspect of ethics that is legally blurry around the edges and–as evidenced in many DJ forums–completely misunderstood by all sides: the ethics of copyright. “Some will rob…

Selling Your DJ Service to Millennials

Friends Looking At Cell Phone

By Julie Oshins, “Play It Forward” I went to a concert recently to see an artist called GriZ. He is the pied piper of a festival going tribe and his loyal fans (his tribe) have an edict – P.L.U.R. Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. What does this have to do with you, an event DJ?…

Selling to Wedding Clients


By Alan Dodson, “Wedding Wizard” First, understand this: PEOPLE DON’T LIKE TO BE SOLD; THEY LIKE TO BUY. Most event professionals suck at sales, so take the word “selling” out of your vocabulary now. Ask questions. Let potential clients be part of the process instead of your just making presentation. Allow them feel your passion…

Equipment Damage Liability Clause in Contracts

DJ Brian S. Redd shares his ideas and thoughts, and answers questions on this subject of interest to all mobile DJ business owners.

Create a Secret Facebook Group for Your DJ Company

Secret Facebook Group

By Gregg Hollmann, “Party Professional” As the owner of a multi-system DJ company, it’s important to stay in close communication with my staff of twenty performers. In the past I’ve found that sending group emails was not particularly effective. Because people’s email inboxes were clogged (I receive about 200 of them every day), few of…

“The Mobile DJ Handbook” Author Stacy Zemon

DJ Brian S. Redd interviews Stacy Zemon outside the Mobile Beat Show about her professional background and books. For autographed copies visit “The Mobile DJ Handbook,” “The DJ Sales & Marketing Handbook,” “The Mobile DJ MBA” and “The Mobile DJ Entrepreneur” are also available on