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7 Things DJ Entrepreneurs Should Never Do

DJ Entrepreneur

By Stacy Zemon, Publisher & Chief Scribe If you want to be a successful DJ entrepreneur, you have to bleed confidence. Starting something on your own takes tenacity, faith and determination to make it work. To have a business that makes it past the first 18 months, these qualities of poor leaders are certainly going… Reaches 2,000 Articles!


By Stacy Zemon, Publisher & Chief Scribe In honor of our 2,000th article here in the Knowledge Bank at, I’d like to say “thank you” to the mobile entertainment community for continuing to allow us the opportunity to serve you over the past few years. In all modesty, I believe we have the best…

How to Inspire Love and Gain More Business

business love

By Stacy Zemon, Publisher & Chief Scribe I think that there are two fundamental approaches to generating more business: The first is to focus on making your existing clients insanely happy, so that they want to tell others about how much they love you; the second is to simply be a resource, or be helpful,…

10 Quick Tips to Branding Building Brilliance

Brand Awareness

By Stacy Zemon, Publisher & Chief Scribe Assuming you are a mobile DJ business owner who wants to stand out from your competitors, you’ll want to follow these tips for building branding brilliance: #1) Have a Unique Website Design – Don’t copy another DJ. Create something new looking, and stand out. People want to do…

7 Steps to Becoming a Multi-Op Millionaire


By Stacy Zemon, Publisher & Chief Scribe What kinds of things should you do to increase your chances of joining the millionaire multi-op mobile DJs club? Here are the steps I’d suggest. They’re neither fast nor easy. But, if becoming a millionaire is your goal, they’re worth the work. 1. Stop obsessing about money. While…

DJ Spotlight: Brooklyn Dicent

Brooklyn Dicent

By Stacy Zemon, Publisher & Chief Scribe For the last two decades Brooklyn Dicent has been entertaining people in corporate and private events. She owns and operates Brooklyn Dicent Entertainment out of Seattle Washington. With her booking calendar filled with events, Brooklyn performs in front of close to 6,000 people a year as an MC…

Finding and Selling to Your Niche Market

Niche Market

By Stacy Zemon, Publisher & Chief Scribe Your Niche. Your Unique Selling point. Your Value Proposition. Whatever you call it – why is it so darned difficult to find it, define it and then ‘sell it’ to the prospects you want to book your DJ services? Okay, so you (kind of) know that being unique…

5 Tips for Highly Productive DJs

5 tips

By Stacy Zemon, Publisher & Chief Scribe This is probably an understatement, but DJs are some of the busiest people around. A day in the life of an DJ is chock-full of business decisions, client meetings, networking and event preparation. Because there’s so much to do and so little time to do so, mobiles can…

DJ Spotlight: Jack Bermeo of LJDJs

Jack Bermeo

By Stacy Zemon, Publisher & Chief Scribe If you haven’t heard all the buzz about the guy who staged a fake wedding so he could propose to his fiance, then you must be living under a rock. I know that guy. He’s the 2011 and 2012 winner of the “DJ of the Year” competition, Jack…

The DJ Pricing Trap

Value vs. Price

By Stacy Zemon, Publisher & Chief Scribe When Pete first launched his DJ business, he offered deep discounts to family, friends, referrals, and pretty much anyone who would book him. Shayna took it one step further and priced her services at $250, thinking it would allow her to gain instant entry into the marketplace. Eager…