Is your client engaged in the sales conversation? (Results)

Here’s how you compared to others who took the poll

During a meeting with a prospective bride about her wedding reception you notice that the prospective customer does not seem responsive or interested in what you have to say. What should you do?

  • Begin asking questions that the bride will find interesting and engaging, putting aside you standard sales presentation. (90%, 37 Votes)
  • Stop the sales pitch and just talk about price and ask for the sale. (5%, 2 Votes)
  • Keep going and hopefully you will say something that will interest her, however you continue to deliver the sales pitch and get to the close. (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Ask the bride why she is not listening or interested and end the meeting. (3%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 41

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The approach behind the answer to achieve the best results for winning that business:

The correct answer in developing new clients is to begin asking questions that the bride or any client will find interesting and will allow them to be more interactive in the dialogue about why the need to choose your DJ Services.  Often we take for granted that a client understands our business or we make the sales presentation canned or over rehearsed, because of our lack of confidence or urgency to book the business.  Telling a bride what they want to hear will only confirm your insincerity, keep talking and rambling away about your service will only end in disaster.  It hard to believe but there are sales people that will confront a client when they seem disengaged, in that case you might as well hit the upside the head with a frying pan and walk away.  To avoid these pitfalls, keep these simple thoughts in mind as you have an open conversation with a prospective customer:

  1. Use open ended questions that are related to the clients interest and desired outcome. If it’s a bride ask them to describe some pros and cons about the entertainment at the last wedding they attended.
  2. Provide feedback to their responses and rephrase back to them what they told you about.  The lack of engagement by a sales person can also be felt by the prospective client.  How many times have you left a sales meeting and said “She/he did not understand a word I said”.
  3. Provide examples that are relevant to the conversation and keep them short and to the point. Ask an open-ended question to confirm that the client can relate the story to their own situation.
  4. Pregnant Pauses during the conversation are appropriate and give both the presenter and the client an opportunity to absorb the information and prepare follow-up thoughts or questions.
  5. Remove terms and acronyms from the conversation-it’s ok to use them with fellow DJ’s but not with clients. Make sure they understand what you are talking about always check for clarification.
  6. Be cognizant of time!   This is particularly true at events such as a bridal show or trade event.  We get a hot prospect and we hang on for dear life!  The ending result is the customer may disengage themselves form you just to get away, so know when to ask for a next meeting at the appropriate time.

When your sales sense sets off the warning bell in your brain that the prospective client is becoming disengaged, challenge your sale abilities to creatively ask them questions that will snap them back into engagement and make the sale.