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    Pssst… There’s Money In The Photo Booth!

    By Robert Lindquist Originally patented in 1888, the photo booth (aka “automated photography machine”) first gained popularity at penny arcades, amusement parks, and carnivals.  To receive your photographic mementos, you just slid behind the curtain, adjusted [...]

    All Aboard!

    Dennis M. Kintzer – Editor – ProMobileDJ.com To the ProMobileDJ Community: Most people have probably played Monopoly© and mispronounced the “Reading Railroad” (that drives me nuts…but hey, I get it).  It may come as a surprise [...]

Branding Your Company


Extend Your Brand with Video Blogs

by Jason Jani The Definition of a Vlog Wikipedia defines Video blogging, as a form of blogging for which the medium is video, and is a form of Internet television. Entries often combine embedded video […]


Business Branding Tools

By Stacy Zemon Your brand is a value proposition. It is what people expect to get when they book your DJ service. It is the promise of certain benefits both material and experiential, and immediate […]


Business Lessons Learned From Santa Claus

By Stacy Zemon DJ business owners can benefit from paying attention to a page or two from Santa Claus’ playbook. Listening to customers, never overpromising, staying positive and not overpaying for new gear are all […]

From Our Guest Writers

The Tonium Pacemaker

By Mike Wieder: We’ve all had it happen.  You’re at an event ready to start when suddenly your computer freezes up or your CD player [...]

DJs from Down Under

by Guest Author, Nick Pollock First of all, we Aussie DJs don’t take a kangaroo with us to every gig nor do we all know [...]

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