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Scorpion™ Storm FXRG by CHAUVET® DJ

This compact effect laser shoots hundreds of red and green beams around the room, which can be controlled independently. A controllable, high-speed motor increases the total number of effects exponentially. The unit is fully linkable with the Scorpion™ FXGB and other Scorpion™ FXRG lasers for a coordinated show. ariance free and ready to use right…

Yamaha DXR Active Loudspeakers Series

Yamaha’s light weight DXR-Series features digital signal processing conditioning & monitoring, a 3-channel mixer with unique link feature for stereo-mode without an outboard mixer, and exceptional input and link out options. We’re impressed with these high quality speakers and their 5-year warranty. For more info. visit: and click on “Live Sound.”

The “Right Way” to Wind Cables and Cords

A demonstration of how winding/unwinding can be done easily and tangle free.

Review of the Gemini GVX-12p and 10p Speakers and Line 6 Relay G50 Wireless System

Setting Cues on the djay for iPad

“Nightmare” – A DJ Comedy Spoof

Nightmare is a comedy short and disc jockey demo produced and created by DJ Peace at Awesome Entertainment in Pasadena, CA. The video was premiered at the ADJA Awards in Las Vegas, NV. The events are based on true stories regarding “nightmare” DJs.