Top 5 Reasons to Book School Dances

By Ric Hansen, Guest Writer Not to be boastful, but I have built a six figure income on school dances. That’s about 85% of my company’s overall business. Needless to say, I love this market! […]

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Teen Events

Summer Weekday Youth Booking Opps

By Shayn Satten, “Teen Entertainment Specialist” To stay booked during the summer, especially on week days, I advertise on Craigslist and am not ashamed to say so. The website is a great free place to […]

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Whose Party is This Anyway?

By Stu Chisholm I’ve been a music collector far longer than I’ve been a DJ and I pride myself on my music knowledge and the depth of my library. I also promote it so of […]

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Teen Events

Sweet Sixteen Candle Lighting Ceremony

By Shayn Satten, “Teen Entertainment Specialist” Many DJs know that there is a Candle Lighting Ceremony involved with Bar and Bat Mitzvahs; however, this ritual can also apply to Sweet sixteen birthday parties. Most of […]

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How to Be a DJ Superhero

By Shayn Satten, “Teen Entertainment Specialist” As DJs, we have all had experiences where nothing seemed to go right before, during, or after an event. Here’s my tale of one long and rainy night not […]

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DJ Skills

Entertaining at a Lavish Sweet 16

By Shayn Satten, “Teen Entertainment Specialist” Have you ever watched the MTV show, “My Super Sweet 16,” and wondered what it would be like to DJ at such a lavish event?  Well I have, and […]