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Riding the New Wave

By Dave Austin, “The Music Professor” I’m going to toss out a few groups and you name the musical genre into which they fall:  Adam and the Ants, B-52’s, Cars, Echo & the Bunnymen, Devo, […]

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Best Practices

ERG Pooltraxx Review by DJ RuDe

DJ/VJ RuDe gives you his unbiased review of ERG Music Service’s Pooltraxx, which features unlimited audio and video downloads of all popular genres at an unbeatable price!

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Should DJs Be Music Moral Guardians?

By Dave Austin “Music Professor” What’s Appropriate? In preparing for a recent birthday party for a group of thirteen year olds, the sponsoring parents expressed concern about the music I would be playing. Would the […]

"How To" Tutorials

The Immense Versatility of Beamz By Flo

In this tutorial, you can see how many different types of sounds, loops, tracks and effects you can use. A wide variety of instruments are programmed into the software, including music from Pop, Rock, Hip […]