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Different Genre Wedding Mix

Quick look at a mix I have played a few times and it has gone over really well with the right crowd. I just wanted to show how two different styles of music can match up and work well at an event. For more videos from DJ Jay Brannan, visit

Build Your Basic Latin Music Library

Latin Music

By Dave Austin, “The Music Professor” Over that past couple of years, I’ve noted an increasing number of requests for Latin music at my events.  With a growing Hispanic population and culture in America, it’s prudent for working DJs to be familiar with this gigantic genre of one of the most popular music forms in…


DJ Tutor gives a beginner/intermediate lesson on how to mix. For more videos from him visit

The Sweet Spot – ‘70s Music


By Dave Austin – “The Music Professor” I stopped by the “music store” a few days ago and encountered a couple of fellow DJs, who like me, were there to browse the latest gear and talk shop.  Our conversation soon turned to a discussion about music guests at our gigs like most to hear and…

How to record music video mixes on Virtual DJ 8

DJ Advise demnstrates how he records music video mixes on Virtual DJ 8.


ellaskins (DJ Tutor) gives a lesson on how to mix during breaks. See more from him at

Before the Music Dies

Music Programming

By Dave Austin, “The Music Professor” Our lives are comprised of constant changes as people, places and events pass through them.  As if to drive the point home, I was reading an article about things which are quickly disappearing from our daily lives – the post office, newspapers, bank checks, etc.  Then, there it was,…

Pre-Planning Pays Big Rewards


By Dave Austin, “The Music Professor” “Their reception was so disorganized.  They wasted a lot of time fumbling around trying to decide what to do next.  I tried to fill with music, but the guests were getting bored and losing interest.  The reception was over in about two and a half hours because almost all…

Effects Techniques For Digital DJs

Five great effects techniques for digital DJs, demonstrated by Ean Golden using Traktor Pro 2. Techno Fill, Vocal Repeat, Off-Kilter Echo, Filter Kill – and a bonus combination effect. Check out more videos at

2014 Music Trends


By Dave Austin, “The Music Professor” As working DJs, it’s imperative that we be acutely aware of both current and near-future music trends, and I’ve been doing some research on what music biz insiders think will be the big trends for 2014.  Another reason I’m spending time on this is because I’ve noticed that some…